Law + Volunteer Internship

We are really excited about our law intern placements exclusive to us in Arusha, Tanzania.  
We work with 2 well respected, small, law firms who cover a wide range of law.  We’ve managed to organize a 2-day per week internship where you'll be able to shadow and assist with research for ongoing cases, attend court and edit briefs.

Why only 2 days? Well very simply we opted for quality over quantity.  Nothing worse than feeling a spare part. The other days of the week will be spent with our leap volunteers on our conservation and community projects dotted in and around Arusha and at the coast in Dar es Salaam - providing a fulfilling and broad experience.

Ryan Corey - our latest law intern reports back...

Why so good?
 “A passion for the law and a real understanding of its use and purpose, an ability to relate well to both clients and colleagues, confidence to think on your feet and act purposefully.  These are all essential competencies that legal employers will look for in candidates but are very hard to evidence.

Completing a Law Internship with The Leap is a wonderful way to showcase your skills in these areas and will set apart from your peers.“
Sarah Smith: Civil Judge, Western Circuit

Need we say anymore!

Travel and live with a leap team

This is how we do it...all our volunteers and interns travel out, live, work and hang out together.  Instant camaraderie and great campfire moments to be had. 


Law Internships


Tanzania: Law Internship

Combine a law internship with volunteering in conservation and community.  How it works: you'll head out in one big team made up of volunteers and interns, all based together at our house in Arusha.  For the first 6 weeks you'll spend 2 days a week working in a law firm and the other 3 days you'll join the leap volunteers to help on our conservation and community projects in and around Arusha.  Spend another 4 weeks and you'll all hot foot it to the the coast to work on more projects before hitting the fantastic island of Zanzibar.

- Time Out: 
Climb Mt Kili, safari's, Lake Manyara, Zanzibar island.
- Depart:  Jan, April and Sept for 6 or 10 weeks. July for 6 weeks.


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