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Finastra took the leap to the city of Legazpi, in the Philippines, for their 5 day annual corporate social responsibility offsite. 35 employees gathered together to combine strategy meetings with community development, culture, adventure and community interaction.

The project was aligned to Finastra's existing social responsibility initiatives, whilst expanding their portfolio of responsibilities, all set in an environment which would encourage positive team dynamics.

This was no ordinary conference, this was transformational...

Laura Faye

"This experience has energized and motivated me to work harder and give more of my energy and time to not only achieve but to exceed CSR objectives at my site."

Sheri Hlavenka

"Milly and her team went above and beyond to ensure that every detail of our offsite was planned and timed perfectly. Milly and her team connected to each individual guest on a personal level, making us feel as if we were her only priority. The events planned were top notch and the relationships built in the area are authentic and well connected. I am blown away. Thanks for being awesome."

Andrea Neagu

"I feel motivated. The trip was an unforgettable experience! We are all so appreciative of everything you did for us."

Rachelle Lingao

"Our CSR team not only bonded amongst ourselves but also created new friendship with Milly and her associates. Truly an unforgettable experience. Milly and the team were the best organizers and coordinators! We were welcomed right from the moment we reached the airport, up until we bid farewell again at the airport. A great mix of learning and sharing, having fun and giving back, mountains (or should I say volcano) and beaches – all done with a lot of heart. Everything was well thought of, all staff were very helpful and they really took good care of us – very special treatment."

Jhanelle Osbourne-Burk

"I feel motivated, enthusiastic and really really proud to be a part of the CSR community. Community is so much more powerful and effective than charity. It lasts longer and is more sustainable."

Tom Nierlich

"I feel motivated, engaged, fulfilled, humbled."

Dorothe Blake

"It made me feel special and valued. Great team and superb organization. Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience. I loved Milly’s wonderful positive energy and leadership skills and the team's drive to make this trip a success."

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