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For many companies, the idea of sustainable development, finding a project and making a corporate contribution is a great idea but sadly, more often than not, remains on the company wish list. This is because it's not anyone's primary responsibility, has no fixed budget and needs to jump through so many board member's hoops it's easier to renegade it to the "folder of lovely ideas".

This is where we come in – we take care of the research, planning, logistics and can even help sell to the board. We love a powerpoint presentation and can handle a conference call.

So, to start the ball rolling here are our favourite projects around the world where a corporate partnership could make all the difference...

Creating a new national park for the rhino in Namibia

Oana Conservancy is tucked away in southern Namibia and covers over 50,000 hectares of utterly stunning, raw Africa. It homes a dramatic semi-arid landscape made up of small mountains and plains with the Orange River running alongside creating an idyllic oasis of green, contrasting with the terracotta hue of the sand and mountains. Simply breathtaking.

Oana was rescued from its previous life as a hunting ranch by the renowned conservationist Ian Craig. He secured the land intending to ecologically restore and link it up with neighbouring conservancies to, one day, create a national park to home Namibia's endangered wildlife. He has built a semi-permanent base camp and focuses on volunteer tourism to help make this possible.

They would love corporate volunteers to visit, to roll up their sleeves to restore and preserve. To get involved in the rewilding so that in 5 years it will be ready to home the rhino. Company sponsorship would help to train the anti-poaching units and of course, to maintain the infrastructure.

Community development in Madagascar

Welcome to Ampoana, a subsistent coastal community based on the mainland of Madagascar. An ancient currency passes through this community who prefer to barter for their fresh produce and fish, which is luckily in abundance due to the almost perfect climate. Here we support an NGO called the Madagascar Research Conservation Institute MRCI) who have built a basic camp to home our volunteers while we set them to work.

So far, we have built a clinic and sponsor a nurse who now looks after the village and the surrounding area. Before Nicole arrived, the only medical help was a 3-day trek away, and the cost to prohibiting. It has made an enormous difference to community life. The next challenge is to build a school. So far our volunteers have made 3000 bricks and laid down the foundations. The rest will start in 2020. Corporate sponsorship would be put towards additional freshwater well, a sewage system and a permanent teacher.

Plastic Oceans in Costa Rica

Here we work with a group of community pioneers who are spearheading the fight against plastic on the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. This peninsular has a pacific coastline and is, therefore, battling against the plastic, washed up every day and affecting their turtle nests.

On a top-level, they have persuaded Pharrell Williams to build a recycling plant and Bionics to convert the plastic into thread and into a sustainable line of clothing. The community and Leap volunteers are responsible for making recycling bins, beach cleanups and of course turtle conservation. They are an inspiring community force. Corporate sponsorship here would help with the cleanup operation and help the turtle conservation projects which are based all along these beaches.

Paddy villages in Cambodia

In Cambodia, we have supported "the paddy villages" outside Siem Reap where our volunteers build freshwater wells and toilets. Life-changing logistically for the families who live in these in these villages but more importantly it has improved the health of the villagers, especially the children who are now fitter and stronger and consequently able to attend school.

We also sponsor the village schools by sending teachers and materials to improve the facilities. This is where you can help create a long term relationship and establish a meaningful connection with the schools who so value your help and expertise.

So you can see, all you need to get in touch, and we will find you a project to match your existing sustainable business strategy or blue sky it and help create a plan.The key message is we all have a responsibility and business more than ever have the power to bring about change.

Let's make a plan.

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