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Corporate Volunteering Abroad

We are an award-winning experiential travel business, working with corporations to find and integrate sustainable volunteering projects abroad as part of their responsible business policy and employee development.

Welcome to The Leap

Over the past 30 years we have put social responsibility at the heart of everything we do, working with pioneers on sustainable conservation and community development projects across the globe.

We are now helping companies develop their responsible business strategies, by helping them access measurable development projects and bedding them into company strategy. We then create bespoke and exciting offsite team volunteering experiences, around the project, from which employees will be stretched, challenged, inspired and enriched.

Corporate team bonding, leadership and teamwork will be positively enhanced which in turn will lead to increased employee productivity, loyalty, retention and therefore the ultimate value of the business.

Project connections

Through our global contacts we align companies with exciting relevant, measurable and sustainable projects that the whole company can support adn get directly involved with.

Increase Business Productivity

Personal Transformation and enhanced team dynamics guaranteed.

Embedding a sustainable and responsible strategy is the new benchmark for a successful business.

Through The Leap's experiential and creative approach to corporate social responsibility companies will improve the well being, team dynamics and engagement of their staff which will ultimately increase productivity.

Employee Engagement

Through our logistical expertise employees can visit and give hands on support to their company project. Seeing and doing being the best way to engage commitment and motivation.

Enhance wellbeing

Our projects are located in stunning environments across the globe which will inspire and rejuvenate, whist at times be humbling and grounding.

Team building

Through our logistical in-country knowledge we create unique experiences which will take a team out of their comfort zone and be the catalyst for employee growth and personal transformation.

Getting involved

Through years of working in sustainable development we have a wide range of measurable projects which would welcome a relationship with a dynamic organisation who will help make a difference.

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