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Covid T&Cs

Travelling and Covid

The FCDO advice highlights the current travel risks. Here at the Leap we can only minimise the threat of covid via our leap bubbles and safety protocols, which can only be successful if everyone plays their part. Therefore it is imperative to listen and act on the advice given to minimise the risk of catching and transmitting covid (social distancing, mask wearing when out of the ‘bubble’,handwashing/hygiene, places to avoid), whilst on the program.

However, even if the whole team follows all the safety rules there is still a risk of catching covid whilst on the program, so every family needs to talk this through, before the journey starts, to make sure everyone is onboard with the planning and consequences.

The Leap and our hosts have no liability for anyone catching covid. It is therefore imperative that you act responsibly, comply with guidelines and local laws at all times, especially when away from our program in your free time and not under our direct care. Please inform our staff if you suspect you have covid (high temperature, fever, loss of taste and smell, new continuous cough etc) so that we can act to protect you and others, in order to also avoid covid disrupting your or anyone else’s program.

To make is crystal clear, if any Leaper flouts our covid rules and places themselves or others at risk, or their actions result in a disruption to the program to others, then we will start a disciplinary process as per our Booking Conditions (if necessary resulting in being asked to leave the program).

Covid Cancellation Policy

These are an addendum to our existing Booking Conditions.

  • If you cannot go on the trip because you have covid you will receive a full refund minus £100 covering the Leap VIP subscription which lasts 12 months.
  • If you want to travel later having completed your self isolation, then we will refund pro-rata.
  • If you cannot go due to country restrictions, then you will receive a full refund minus £100 (Leap VIP fee).
  • If we had to cut the trip short due to covid or other covid related restrictions (such as borders close or we can’t continue the program), then we will refund a fair proportion of the recoverable costs on a pro-rata basis.
  • If you get ill pre-departure, due to any other illness other than covid, which means you can’t go, then your insurance will cover the cost of cancellation.
  • If you have to stay longer incountry due to quarantine or other issues, then you will have to pay the host a pro-rata sum per day per week. This is insurable through the USA INext policy but not through UK policies.
  • If you have to stay longer in Costa Rica due to quarantine/other issues then you will have to pay the hotel directly but can claim this back via INS insurance (under their unintended extended stay policy).
  • If you require PCR tests during the program to establish if you have Covid you will need to pay for these. There is no refund if you test positive during the trip for services you are unable to participate in whilst you are kept in self isolation (i.e. project work etc). We will continue to feed, accommodate and look after you.

UK Government Red List Protocol

This also applies to residents of other countries if their government impose a requirement to quarantine in a hotel on return from so called ‘red list’ countries. This is what we will do which we feel is fair and reasonable.

  • If your Leap program country goes on the red list pre-departure, and you want to pull out - we will refund you minus the £100 which is the fee for Leap VIP
    • or we will offer you the choice to move to another program departing around the same time
    • or if you prefer slide your booking to a later program
    • we will credit any money paid in full against this alternative program and will refund you the difference if the alternative is less and invoice you for the extra if the alternative costs more
  • However, if your country goes on the red list while you are on the program, and there is a window of opportunity to return home before the rule kicks in, which you choose to take - then we will not be able to refund you for the proportion of the trip you would miss, as a UK red list notice (which is outside our control) does not affect our ability to continue to run the program.
  • If they change the rule immediately, whilst you are away with no time to return before the rule starts then we will carry on with the program and think creatively about routing you home – for example, our Namibia team are now adding a 2 week phase in Egypt. Which is currently not on the UK red list.
  • If a country you are transiting through on your flight to start the program is added to a UK red list and you chose to cancel your program, any refund if applicable, is subject to our cancellation policy in our Booking Conditions. If a country you are transiting through on your flight to return from the program is added after you have begun your program and you chose to cancel your program there will be no refund as we will continue to run our program as flight changes, red list notices etc are outside our control. In this scenario with our flight agent Trailfinders help, we will try and find alternative flight solutions to avoid red list if possible.

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