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Last Minute Spaces

Last Minute Spaces

Dear Leapers

Things are go go go here at The Leap. It has never been so easy to travel and boy don't we know it. Costa Rica is certainly having its moment in the sun and we have sent many a Leaper to this tropical destination. Hot on the Leaper radar right now is Colombia - the relatively unknown gapper destination that really lifts the lid on South American culture and shows you its vast views, incredible trekking routes and ancient history.

As more and more destinations open up we are ready to go. Cambodia is our most recent destination that has opened - we have an incredible program out here working at NGO foundation The Red Road helping in the local community to build schools and community centres, this program is interwoven with volunteering and the all important sight seeing.

To stay up to date with recent news, updates and last minute spaces follow us on Instagram @gapyearexperts and tiktok @theleapoverseas- let's get the adventure started.

To anyone reading this affected by Raleigh International's recent news - call us on 01672 519 922 and we will be able to assist you with travel plans.

June Departures

With everyone's plans on the move all the time it's great to stay in the know with any last minute spaces. Here's where we're jetting off to in June:

Colombia - 2nd June
Kenya - 9th June

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July Departures

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans - 8th July
Kenya - 13th July
Costa Rica Scuba - 14th July
Colombia - 14th July

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Independent Travel

This is our travel resource to help those independent travellers who want a sounding board to discuss their plans with and access to our global network of contacts.

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MidLife Programs

After 2 years of Midlife silence we are ready to get back out there and start travelling again with a social and responsible conscience as the lack of tourism has hit so many. Travelling and contributing is the way forward.

We have launched 3 Midlife adventures for 2022 (2023 in the pipeline) to Zimbabwe, Peru and Guatemala. Each itinerary being carefully crafted to combine adventure, challenge and contribution. So is it the mighty Zambezi, the heady heights of Machu Picchu or the ancient culture of Guatemala that draws you in?

For more information call us on 01672 519922, we love to chat.

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