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News and Updates

News and Updates

Dear Leapers,

So here we are waiting for lock down to officially end. As ever we are being nimble with our logistics and we are here to advise and help the gapper of 2021 find safety-minded, responsible travel solutions either by travelling through our Leap Team programs or through Leap VIP.

How have we done this you might well ask - well, we've pushed hard over the last few months, completing extensive covid risk assessments, are only working with those who will agree to a full refund, (if we can't go), and secured covid aware insurance.

However, as you know the FCDO advice highlights the risk of covid and travel - all we can do is minimise the risk by sending teams of volunteers, to live in Leap houses, with leap staff and transport, creating "leap bubbles" for a fun and constructive social dynamic. However, for this to work succesfully, it requires all Leapers to respect the covid rules and protocol to protect themselves and others in their team. Never has respectful teamwork been so important. For more information about our risk assessments click here -

We really need every family to discuss the risks of covid before the Leaper embarks on the journey so everyone feels comfortable with the level of risk, consequences of catching it and respecting their fellow team mates. Please call us at any time to talk this through. Travel right now needs good, honest collaborative conversation.

So my key message today is this - there are solutions, you just need to to be shown how and where.


The Structured Traveller

Never have we been so busy and waiting lists are building as the Leaper of old has not wasted any time and the independent traveller of old is now jumping on board as the fear of being stranded overseas is enough to bring the out on a cold sweat.

So - leap programs are heading out to Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia.

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The Independent Traveller

We know there are masses of you out there who pre-lockdown, would have happily popped your backpack on and headed off to bounce around Asia. Right now this isn't an option BUT you can travel in that footloose fashion just in a different place and with a safety net around you. Enter Leap VIP - the travel hub which will help you do just that.

This resource is aimed at giving you the confidence to travel. It is possible, we promise.

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