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Gap Year in Africa

A Gap Year in Africa

Africa - the continent of extremes

The saying goes: 'to see Africa is to see the world with the lid off'. Home to dusty plains, unbelievable wildlife, and to a language spoken by nearly 170 million, it is a continent of extremes: extremely large, extremely dry, extremely poor, and extremely young. So young, in fact, that half the continent still hasn't reached their 25th birthday.

The mystique and intrigue of Africa deserves the spotlight it's currently getting, as it has become a gap year backpacker favourite once again, satisfying the traveller who's unafraid to have a grittier experience off the beaten track.

We have focused our gap year programme in Kenya for a full on beach and bush experience. However through Leap VIP - our resource for the independent traveller you can access our contacts through out eastern and southern Africa.

Gap Year Africa
Gap Year Africa

Ideas for your gap year in Africa

Our Leap program in Africa is in Kenya - known for its marine conservation, Indian Ocean and the best safari.

If you are looking to travel on your gap year in Africa individually and not on a Leap program - we can support you through Leap VIP. We have fixers spread across Africa who offer amazing opportunities for the gap year - fancy living the David Attenborough lifestyle, then check out our fixer Baye in Zimbabwe at Free To Be Wild; she would love to welcome you onto her re-wilding project. More information about Leap VIP - click here.

Travelling around Africa on your Gap Year

Due to the massive distances involved in Africa and restrictions of inter-country transport (lack of and costly) we would recommend choosing one or two countries and do them properly. Start with a Leap programme in Kenya to find your feet then add on some time to travel on afterwards to Tanzania or Malawi.

Here at Leap HQ, we are an office of Africa lovers - so we are here to give you the best advise on where to travel and places not to be missed.

The following blogs will help steer your travels, have a read all about Africa. It is the place to go - we promise.

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