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Gap Year in Africa

The continent of extremes

The saying goes: 'to see Africa is to see the world with the lid off'. Home to the human species, to the world's largest desert, and to a language spoken by nearly 170 million, it is a continent of extremes: extremely large, extremely dry, extremely poor, and extremely young. So young, in fact, that half the continent still haven't reached their 25th birthday.

The mystique and intrigue of Africa deserves the spotlight it's currently getting, as it has become a backpacker favourite once again, satisfying the traveller with the biggest views, wildlife struggling to avoid the poachers eye and music. Africa is the place to be.

Take The Leap to Africa and you could find yourself white water rafting down the Orange River and searching for leopards in Namibia, sailing to find remote communities in Madagascar or scuba diving off the South African coast.

Just remember once you've stepped foot in Africa, you will pin part of your heart to the ground and will be sure to return. Just so you know.

What are you looking to do?

We work in two different countries in Africa - Namibia and Madagascar, all culturally, environmentally and politically individual and therefore providing very different style programs. Namibia is all about adventure and conservation and Madagascar, well it provides a bit of everything, highlights being the lemur conservation and visiting the island communities by boat.

Travelling around Africa

Due to the massive distances involved in Africa and restrictions of inter-country transport (lack of and costly) we would recommend choosing one country and doing it properly. Start with a leap program, find your feet then add on some time to travel on afterwards - for example in Namibia add on a safari in the famous Etosha National Park and in Tanzania add on a few weeks to simply hang out in Zanzibar. The following blogs will help steer your travels, have a read all about Africa.

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