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Gap Year in Asia & Australia

Reach beyond the tourist trail

From pagodas to palaces, Asia is blessed with exquisite natural beauty, deep spiritual richness and compelling culture. The scale of it is staggering - this is the largest continent on earth, covering a full one-third of our planet's surface, can you believe that?

Our destinations of choice - Cambodia, Philipinnes, Sri Lanka and Nepal - are guaranteed to give you some perspective. You'll soon see there are bigger issues for humanity than a failed date or a lost game of beer pong. And yet the contentment and peacefulness exhibited by the people who inhabit these places is a wonder to behold.

From the charming docility of Lagapzi, to the neon raves of Siem Reap, there's something for all tastes in these parts. So if you're up for the challenge and keen to see more than the inside of a hostel and cheap tour guide, join one of our programs and get off the road most travelled - right into the indigenous communities of the Orient. You are in for a treat.

What are you looking to do?

We work in four different countries in Asia - Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and The Philippines all hugely different and therefore creating individual style programs. Cambodia is perfect for those wanting a tight community, The Philippines is all about adventure with community intertwined, Nepal and Sri Lanka provide focused teaching projects or medical internships. The key is find your perfect fit.

Travelling around Asia

Asia is super popular with the backpacker as the transport is organised, cheap and efficient and hostels are in every prime location. You can literally be on the beach in Cambodia in the morning and ready to quad biking up a volcano in the Philippines later that day. Being a backpacker tourist in Asia is easy, so make the most of it.

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