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Gap Year in South America

A stage for great adventures

It's easy to see why South America has captivated so many over the years as travellers head off to explore the idyllic beaches, snow-drenched mountains and steamy rainforests, the lost majesty of Machu Picchu and the riddle of the Nazca Lines across the Peruvian desert.

Like no other place on earth, South America offers a dazzling array of natural wonders and contrasting landscapes which make the best backdrop for adventure. You can hike past ancient temples laid down by the Incas, contemplate the power of IguazĂș Falls, or meander down the Amazon in a dugout canoe.

But for us it's not just about the adventure it's also about the local communities tucked away in these extreme environments who are struggling to keep hold of tradition whilst adapting to the new world. How can they encourage the younger generation to not abandon all they know for the bright lights of city life?

South America
South America
South America

What are you looking to do?

We have 2 programs in South America - Colombia and Peru, chosen because of their history, adventure and indigenous communities which we have intertwined into both programs - so get fit, get ready. Peru's highlights include Machu Picchu and Colombia has the trump card of the Lost City.

Travelling around South America

Considering it's size South America is fairly easy to get about, you just have to be prepared for very long bus journeys as 'inter-country' flights are really expensive. The key to South America is to pick an area and do it well - don't spread yourself too thinly or you will see nothing more than the inside of a hostel or bus for that matter. Adventure is easy to organise but accessing remote indigenous communities is not, as they really are off the beaten track. The following blogs will give you more background on the great continent. Happy reading.

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