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Earth Hour: How To Get Involved

Written by The Leap on 22 / 03 / 2017

Gap Year Advice

Help make as much noise as possible for action on climate change…

This Saturday - 25th March.

Millions of people, businesses and landmarks around the globe are uniting to turn off electric lighting and instead, shine a light on the need for action on climate change.

8.30-9.30pm… if you care, be there.

Use your voice

Get involved by spreading the word across social media. Let’s have as many people as possible switching off and partying to protect our planet.

Why not donate a few of your precious Facebook posts to Earth Hour and WWF between the 22nd and 25th March?

5 minutes of your time could alert your friends to the worldwide effects of the infamous climate change. Get them on board with the worldwide movement too and you may have just helped save a species from extinction, a community from thirst or a jungle from deforestation.

Via Earth Hour youtube.com

Then whether you're celebrating solo or with the masses, share the details. Post about your environmentally-friendly fun on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show your love for our planet. Be sure to tweet with the tag #EarthHour – it’s sure to be trending!

Keep it simple

It’s easy… all you have to do is turn off the lights to join the global celebration of our planet.

Stick a few candles on the dinner table, whip out some sparklers for some garden fun, play a board game by the fire, stargaze with a friend or just relax in a candlelit bubble-bath.

The possibilities are endless: the only rule is NO lights! Who knew protecting the planet could be so simple?

The more people who join the festivities, the more awareness we raise, and the more impact we can have over the protection and preservation of the incredible planet we call home.

Join an event

With gigs, concerts, movie screenings, candlelit parties and more to get involved with, you can celebrate with the masses this Earth Hour. Find your local event on Earth Hour’s website.

Dozens of famous UK locations have signed up to take part.

If you’re in London, pay a visit to Buckingham Palace, the Gherkin, the London Eye, Big Ben, Harrods, Canary Wharf or many other landmarks as they plunge into darkness.

Or visit one of seven London restaurants, including The Rabbit on King’s Road and Southbank’s Oxo Tower, as they host candlelit dinners. It's the ultimate combination of romance and planet-saving.

Elsewhere, the tourist-calling lights of Brighton Pier, Windsor Castle, Durham Cathedral, the Angel of the North and Edinburgh Castle will be turning off too.

Bring along kids of all ages, younger siblings, friends and parents, for a ‘why stars matter trail’. Learn how stars affect us and the forest, stargaze to your heart’s content and take part in fun activities as you go. Alice Holt Forest, Friston Forest near Brighton and Bristol’s Leigh Woods all have an event going on. Find your nearest one here.

Even the footballers are joining in… Liverpool, Arsenal and QPR are just a few of the stadiums turning off the floodlights...

So what are you waiting for?

We’ve achieved so much together since Earth Hour began, but as the threat of climate change builds, it’s more important than ever that we all contribute to saving our planet.

It’s already the world’s biggest international environmental event, but let’s make this the biggest and best year yet!

world’s biggest international environmental event

Go get involved and tell us about what you’re getting up to in the comments below…

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