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Written by Zoe Faulkner on 05 / 03 / 2020

Gap Year Advice

Why Namibia needs to feature on every traveller’s bucket list.
(Note how it’s not even a question).

Where is it? Why does it need to feature on my bucket list? What’s the hype?

I hear you. Namibia initially didn't cross my mind as a hot spot to visit on my travels but how wrong was I – it should have been top of the list and it is one of the most epic places on the planet – put simply there is nowhere like it. It has now become one of my favourite places in the world.

We are privileged to be able to offer a unique program that even google can’t find in the remote desert wilderness. Nestled away from poachers we are helping leading conservationists with their dynamic program to help create a new national park to protect the endangered black rhino.

This is an exclusive program with limited spaces – only 12 places available in May and July – this is not your average gap yah experience. Here are my top 10 reasons you need to do this program on your gap year:

1. It’s the mother of all adventures

Think wilderness, camping, (don’t panic we have surprisingly lovely showers and toilet facilities), trekking, rafting – this gets you off the grid and embracing nature in its finest form.

2. Be a key part of conserving the environment

Work alongside your team to create water holes, set up cameras to track animals, remove invasive plant species, remove any traces of the old hunting lodge to make it a habitable place for the wildlife. Every year new wildlife is safely introduced with the aim of the black rhino entering at the end. This is real conservation and a project that really needs your help.

3. Undiscovered paradise

We’ve all seen the gap yah photosof Vietnam, Cambodia etc – it’s time to set a new trend and getyourself out to an untouched area of desert paradise. Become a trend-setter as you jet off into the unknown and be prepared to wow everyone back home with the sights. Discover this secret gem before everyone else does.

4. Digital detox

Not as scary as it sounds, this is a hidden benefit of being in the heart of nature. Put the phone down and soak up your surroundings, you will feel like a new person with so many incredible memories.

5. Don’t be a sheep

Everyone does the Asia hostel hopping route – been there, done that, got the floaty trousers. Don't follow the crowd. This is your chance to embrace the bizarre and jet off to a whole other planet – you will not believe your eyes. P.s your Instagram will be picture perfect I promise.

6. Camp under the stars

Uber safari chic tents, rustic living but in one of the most glorious places. The night skies are eye-poppingly beautiful, it is so tranquil, and you are privileged to be able to access this camp.

7. Exclusive program

Only 12 spaces twice a year. We have done such a great job out there that the leaders have invited us back, but spaces are limited. This is unique program that will stay with you forever and create a part of history in the desert.

8. Get your mojo back

Feeling frazzled after your A-levels or during your uni summer holiday? Get some desert mountain air, engage in a worthwhile cause and put your mind to something incredible – you will feel rejuvenated and your mojo will be well and truly back.

9. Contribute to a cause

This is what we are all about here at The Leap. It’s time to get away from the hostel-hopping gap yah and get your hands dirty getting stuck into one of our most unique programs that gets you making a difference to the planet.

10. Push yourself

Within your supportive team environment, you will be looked after and encouraged to push yourself beyond your comfort zone in a safe environment. What better way to find out you are stronger than you think and capable of the desert’s challenges?

There you have it, my top ten reasons for getting Namibia nailed on your gap year bucket list. Embrace the bizarre, pack your sun cream and don’t look back – adventure awaits.

Departing May or July - get your walking boots on and save your space or drop me an email to chat more about it. We also have some envy inducing videos of the program here to see it in all its glory.

Happy travels,


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