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Written by Zoe Faulkner on 30 / 08 / 2019

Gap Year Advice

The intrepid explorers have returned from their epic adventure into the Namibian desert and have been kind enough to share their thoughts on the experience. They’ve been there, done that and got the dusty t shirt. Scores on the doors…they loved it (we knew they would - but don’t let our heads get too big the office is tiny). The exciting news is that the team have done such a wonderful job that Leapers have been invited back for 2 weeks this September 13th-27th. Here's where you come in...

From setting camera traps enabling them to monitor wildlife, to trekking to the orange river and camping by the river roasting marshmallows, with sun downers at camp, our Leapers have been busy bees creating change and doing their bit for the endangered rhino in part of this long term sustainability plan we are privileged to be able to offer. Put simply there is nothing like it. Now over to them to tell you why it’s the place to be…

1. ‘It was such a unique experience and I don’t think I will ever get a chance to do something quite like this again, unless I come back to Oana obviously. It was amazing to work with people that are so passionate about what they do and really gave you the feeling that you too are making a difference, no matter how small and insignificant your actions might seem. Everyone at camp was so lovely and by the end it really did feel like we were our own little tribe. I really enjoyed the variety of projects offered, and the way they were spread out mixed things up nicely. Each day was filled with something new and exciting.’

2. ‘Definitely would recommend! Not only was it interesting and a great adventure, but it was such a great detox from normal life, and it definitely changed me as a person.'

3. ‘I loved the Trek to the Orange River and really enjoyed building the Wildlife Hide. The Peak Count was also a great way of getting to know the reserve better and removing fences was rewarding as it made a big impact on migration.’

4. ‘I loved the distance we had from social media etc, gave us a chance to disconnect from the virtual world and meant we were all more engaged with each other and our surroundings.’

5. ‘The environment was definitely an interesting and fun challenge and felt like a good way to escape from normal life. An interesting area that few other people likely know about. I also did feel like I had an insight into conservation work. The staff members were very welcoming, and the experience enabled the group in general to help open up their feelings. Although the wildlife was limited, I did appreciate the unusual nature of it. Overall the experience should stay with me for the right reasons.’

6. ‘I actually found the camp better than expected – the octopus (the name for the big tent that acts as a central hub for everyone) was so nice and homely to relax in after a long day or in the morning before projects, and everything was always clean and tidy.’‘

7. 'I wasn’t too phased by the remoteness, I found it really refreshing and it’s such a good detox from everything back at home.’

8.‘Food was amazing! I really liked helping out in the kitchen too sometimes.'

9.‘The camp exceeded my expectations; it was very comfortable and had everything we needed.’

10. 'Pleasantly surprised by the showers!'

The team did such a great job that we've been invited back for a last minute blast before the year is out. Join us from 13th-27th on this one-off 2 week adventure - those of you sat at home wondering what to do before uni to make the most of your summer, those of you who can't commit to a full gap year, those of you who want to have a career in conservation one day, this is for you.

I hope these reviews have helped you visualize what an amazing experience this program is and that it has helped reassure even those of you who are slightly averse to camping. You will see that even the showers are a welcome experience – we may not have hair straighteners, but it is certainly camping in its finest form.

Final call for last minute adventurers

Join us for 2 weeks 13th-27th September 2019

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