A level results and the gap year crossroads

Written by Zoë Faulkner on 13 / 08 / 2019

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It’s August which means long summer days (in theory), sunny evenings and hopefully lots of summer holidays. However, we’d be lying if we said A level results day wasn’t on all our minds...Thursday is a BID DAY, so GOOD LUCK to you all.

However, having been in this business for many a year - we know that Thursday will involve the gap year conversation - do you, should you, could you?

So, ever helpful here's a few things to throw into the gap year mix...

Take time to think about what you really want

We promise a gap year will shift your life into a new focus, it gives you the headspace to really work out what you wish to do next. Don’t make any rash decisions on the day, let the dust settle and know that we are here for you to calmly talk you through your options. You’ll find that while being away you will have more time to think about what matters to you and where your next step is.

Help me work out a plan

Strengthen your application

You may choose to re-sit, you may choose to just reapply, either way taking a gap year can give you the chance to strengthen your application not just from an academic standpoint. You have the opportunity to learn some incredibly valuable soft skills – learn to work in a team as well as boost your independence as well as adapt to working in a new environment. Why not join us in Costa Rica or Guatemala and learn a new language? These are all valuable skills that you will take through life with you and something that employers actively look for.

Learn a new language

A different kind of studying

It’s not all play and no work on our programs (yes you did read that right). While our programs are centred around enriching your time away and having fun exploring the most stunning sights with your new friends – we centre our programs around a schedule where you can learn in a constructive and relaxed environment. Whether that is learning a language, learning to surf, shadowing a doctor, teaching a class, wildlife studies or marine biology – not all learning has to take place in the four walls of a classroom to be valuable.

Show me adventure

Become a stronger person

Sounds a bit cliché but we know from experience that our programs leave people feeling empowered, confident and like they are capable of far more than they knew (one of the main reasons we love what we do).

We have had countless success stories that leave us feeling inspired by our Leapers and proud of what they have gone on to do with their lives – we’ve had our first Leaper wedding; some have gone on to become teachers and some have gone back into university. It’s a wonderful opportunity to boost yourself before beginning university, you will feel more prepared, be a pro at being away from home and adjusting to a new environment and you will feel more confident.

Ok,inspire me

That’s great, but how do I do this?

Usually our Leapers will get a part time job for the first few months say September through to Christmas to save up for their adventure.

Then they find their perfect adventure, firstly think about your subject area or your key passions - for example if you wish to study biology then why not join us in Madagascar to study wildlife in the forest and in the ocean with our 10 week scuba program or if you wish to study medicine then check out our internships in Nepal and Sri Lanka to really make your application stand out.

Then, leave the rest to us, we like to think we are rather good at getting this show on the road and looking after you while you’re overseas. We will help you turn a day dream into reality, help you book the flights, so you arrive with new-found friends as well as all round support – all you need to do is be willing and motivated.

Show me your best programs

So, regardless of what grades you got – a gap year is accessible to all and an awesome choice. We will help you make your time out worthwhile, constructive and enhance you as a person and that's a promise.

Intrigued? Email me and let’s start planning.

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