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Bang the drum, spread the word, our planet needs help.

Written by Emily Acheson-Gray on 25 / 06 / 2019

Gap Year Advice

Bombarded with programs, adverts and campaigns which raise concerns about the planet, along with eco-focussed lessons at school from a young age, we are more than aware of the dangers of single-use plastic, deforestation and the emissions of fumes; however, there are still 67 million primary-school-aged children around the world who are denied access to this sort of education. Whilst India made environmental education compulsory in formal education in 2003, there are still far too many children and adults across the rest of Asia, Africa and South America who are completely unaware of the imminent dangers to our planet. This is where the Leapers fit in…

What you can do

Along with all the other planet-saving aspects of our programs, we aim to provide vital education to local communities and children around the world about the importance of preserving our fragile planet. Your help as a volunteer is crucial and so appreciated as it is estimated that it would cost a massive £30 billion each year to put every adolescent around the world through school.


The help that the Leapers provide to Oana, an influential charity in Namibia, with the eventual aim of reintroducing the endangered rhino, is invaluable for the future of the reserve. In order to guarantee that our work in countries, such as Namibia, is sustainable after the Leapers leave, it is vital that it is supplemented by educating the locals. During our stay at Oana, we travel to the edge of the reserve, to a local community, where Leapers teach the children about supporting Oana’s vision of protecting the wildlife, which in turn boosts the tourist economy in the region; the importance of preserving water in such an arid climate; and the dangers of poaching for the endangered species.

I want to help, let’s go to Namibia.


In keeping with our reforestation project in the Amazon, a key part of our itinerary is to provide essential environmental education workshops in local community schools in the “Reserva Tierra Linda”. Having weaved down the Manu River through the dense Amazonian jungle, home to jaguars, spider monkeys and much more, and met the wonderful tribes of the Sacred Valley, you will realise how important your help is to promote the preservation of one of the world’s most impressive and incredible natural features.

Tell me more


In amongst island hopping around the crystal-clear Madagascan waters, you can get involved in educating the local communities about the planet. You will be setting up movie nights in each village along the way as an interactive and visual way of explaining the disastrous impact that plastic pollution has on our oceans. Looking for a relaxing, sun-soaked, planet-saving adventure?

Join us in Madagascar.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to do your bit to save our planet before it’s too late, educating the current and future generations of less privileged countries about the best ways to do this is the perfect starting point.

Help spread the word

We have award winning 'planet saving' programs across Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

Reducing plastic in our oceans, protecting turtles and saving the rhino is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

All experiences include a mix of projects and adventures, travelling with a team and, of course, are risk assessed. Browse our planet-saving programs here

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