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Colombia In A (Coco) Nutshell

Written by Zoe Faulkner on 13 / 03 / 2020

Gap Year Advice

With its vibrant jungles, stunning unspoiled Caribbean coasts and stunningly colourful architecture, Colombia is hot on our list of places you need to see this year.

Its reputation has had a hard time in the past, but it’s shaken of its bad-boy persona and is waiting to be discovered. Get lost amongst in the cobbled streets, see the sights and smells of Bogota and enjoy meeting the welcoming exuberant people of Colombia. From valleys to beaches to snow-capped mountains this is the ‘has-it-all’ place to be full of bright colours, stunning views, delicious foods and intricate architecture it’s time to get exploring...


You mean I’ve not persuaded you already? This is the hot shot program for those who want it all. The diverse landscapes, the rich history and delicious food – this is a real feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Our program is designed to show you the different personalities of Colombia while also getting you volunteering and really making a difference to the planet on your travels.


Begin in the capital, Bogota as you acclimatise and explore your new surrounding before

Combining a cultural, visual feast with your first environmental project, organised by Acualos – a local water company which was founded over 50 years ago by the grandparents of our in-country partners, Jakera. Acualos are committed to helping local communities save water and create more sustainable community practises. They have asked us to help with one of their projects which is to donate and create a community orchard and nursery from scratch.

Next it’s time to venture into San Gil also known as the adventure capital of Colombia. Here you will be trekking, white water rafting and helping on our environmental projects. Interwoven into your time in San Gil you will play a vital part as you help tackle reforestation and teach the community about the importance of protecting their planet.

Fresh from your latest adventure it’s time to head North to the beaches of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Here you get to experience the wonderous Lost City Trek. Trust us this is well worth the climb as you meander your way through some of the world’s most beautiful sites. Cameras at the ready.

After all that adventure it’s time to chill out, hello Caribbean beaches and sunshine. Your final few days will be spent in the hip colonial town of Cartagena, exploring the markets and old town, swimming in the Caribbean Sea and sampling the nightlife, before heading home after an action packed 4 weeks.


Dead easy – give me a call or register your interest on our website. We formulate the team and get you all flying out together to begin this epic adventure. We believe adventures are far more fun when you have camaraderie in place, and you can achieve so much more when volunteering with more hands-on deck. We help you with flights, we look after all the logistics and all you need to do is pack a bag. Simples.


January, July and October. Team size of 12 so don’t hang about if you are keen.With just a £250 deposit you can get your adventures lined up and not have to pay the balance until just before you go – we’re nice like that.

There you have it, Colombia in a (coco)nutshell. It’s emerging as the top gap year destination so get there before the crowds realise.

Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s get you on that plane.

Happy travels,

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