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Written by Milly Whitehead on 01 / 07 / 2021

Gap Year Advice

Hello Leapers

So whats new this week:

July Costa Rica and Mexico Fusion Program

Yes - we know, Costa Rica has succumbed to the dreaded red list - but not to beaten we have built a fusion program for this summer.

Departs 23rd July
Returns 24th August

Join us to experience turtle conservation, cloud forest adventure, surfing, Spanish and the ancient Mayan culture of Mexico.

Gapper Chatter

This week has been mad with Europe changing their rules 101 times but after chaos the dust has settled on a couple of helpful gems:


To enter Spain you need 2 jabs OR a PCR covid test

Costa Rica -> Ibiza

Top tip - you can now fly from Costa Rica ( red list) to Madrid to Ibiza (green list).

If you spend 11 days in Ibiza you can then enter the UK and don't have to quarantine.

Returning from Kenya

Currently best way to get home - is to fly via Germany to Croatia.

Greece - island hopping

You only need a test to arrive on the mainland BUT no testing

required to jump from island to island and no time limit on each island.

Enter Europe with ease

For no quarantine on arrival we recommend Spain, Greece or Croatia.

Entering America from Costa Rica

All you need is an esta, antigen test and address to head to on arrival.

Perfect solution to navigate the red list of Central America.

UK Transit

Interesting feedback here - did you know you can be qualified as "in transit" in the UK for under 24 hours and are able to move airports in this space.

Insta Live - Tune in every Tuesday at 12.00pm

This week we are talking to the lovely Tilly Cripwell who is a Leap VIPer and travelled the world with us through the tightest of lockdown.

She ventured into and around Africa and Central America tune in to hear her gapper top tips.

See you there @gapyearexperts 12.00 pm every Tuesday.

New Leap VIP entry for this week

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica with Intensa Spanish and combine volunteering and adventure.

Learn to speak Spanish in small dynamic groups in the heart of San Jose. Any level of ability are welcome. Not only will you learn to speak Spanish but there are some incredible excursions on offer to show you the best of Costa Rica – from cooking to hiking through the rainforest or viewing the active volcanoes and volunteering opportunities.

Through volunteering and adventures you will put your newfound language to good use – from volunteering with turtles or teaching English, to scuba diving with the locals or going on walking tours there is so much to do.


You can choose between 4 hours a day group Spanish classes or the 6 hour a day combined program (4 hours in a group + 2 hours private). Classes start at the beginning of every month. You must enrol for a minimum of 2 weeks. Prices are all available on their site.

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