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Reviews from our Leapers and parents 2022

Written by Zoe Faulkner on 30 / 03 / 2022

Gap Year Advice

We like to think we're pretty great at our jobs here at The Leap HQ. We've learnt to speak the language of COVID, navigated countless flight changes, health pass forms, PCR tests, quarantine regulations and the dreaded INS Insurance. Don't mind us while we polish our halos. All jokes aside, don't take our word for it - read what our Leapers and their parents have to say of their experience with The Leap and their gap year during a pandemic. None of this would be possible without our lovely Leapers and their parents being so flexible, patient and determined. Thank you.

Couldn’t recommend the Leap more

'The Leap were amazing from start to finish. Always answered emails quickly, and I always felt that I could go to them in a crisis. Really amazing trip for my daughter who’s gap year hadn’t gone to plan prior to the Leap". - Henrietta

The Leap goes beyond expectations

"From the initial enquiry to support after leaving the program, The Leap have been amazing. As an adventurous (but nervous due to the pandemic) parent, I was impressed with the organisation and guidance throughout. My daughter had the most amazing time and felt so privileged to have been able to travel during these challenging times. Would definitely recommend." - Julia

Nothing left to chance, organisation the the nth degree! Happy daughter!

"In such uncertain times where plans change every minute, Leap guided our daughter from a Kenya cancellation to a Costa Rica trip of a lifetime! All details were covered, all eventualities assessed and discussed and the best time had! Hard work on occasion but never ever would she missed any of it. I cannot recommend Leap highly enough." - Adrianna

Well organised and proactive supportive gap year experience

"The Leap team were organised and thorough throughout. As a parent I felt that they had a positive yet protective interaction with our daughter in the planning of the trip. Giving lots of information about how to go about doing things and answering email questions very quickly. On the trip, it was well organised. COVID 19 precautions had been thought through. Our daughter loved the actual volunteering projects which seemed to be well thought out and organised by Leap. Leap also kept in touch with the parents with occasional updates. This service seemed very good for first time gap year students rather than the seasoned traveller. The cost reflects that, I think a student could organise a gap year project cheaper but be without the support network given." - Lucy

The perfect trip

"Outstanding organisation, support and flexibility. Great experience had, and would thoroughly recommend them to others wishing to make a similar trip." - Harriette

Official: The Leap was responsible for my son's 'best time of his whole life'.

"The Leap was consistently helpful and encouraging from the word go. I had thought about economising and sending my son to Costa Rica independently but am absolutely convinced that I made the right decision to send him under the incredibly reassuring Leap umbrella. Zoe was amazing, as was Millie, in obliterating parental worry and neurosis, especially in uncertain times. I am so glad he went with them. He has made friends for life and told me only yesterday he had had the best time of his whole life! Result! Thanks to almost entirely to the Leap. He will never forget it and I will remain eternally grateful to the home team!" - Candida

Thank you

"The program was so well organised, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done." - Amani

Fantastically reassuring support as a parent

"As a parent of an 18 yr old travelling for the first time abroad on her own I cannot recommend the leap highly enough. They provided my daughter with the opportunity to travel at a very difficult time (middle of a covid pandemic) and gave excellent support before and during the trip. Their advice was comprehensive and when a few things didn’t go to plan whilst out there they provided immediate back up. My daughter has returned having had an amazing experience and full of tales of Costa Rica and her later onward travels. Milly, Liv and team really care that the young people they send out have these opportunities and work hard to ensure all goes smoothly. Thank you to them all!" - Eleanor

Super organised and professional. Wonderful organisation to deal with.

"The Leap are super organised. They are professional and are quick to respond to changes in rules when travelling at this time. They continue to provide support and share information even after the programme is finished. They do not pressurise you into joining the programmes. They understand that gap year students change their minds with travel and are flexible and accommodating as can be. Would definitely recommend. Wonderful team to work with Speaking as a parent." - Karen

Fantastic Service

"The Leap was fantastic throughout. January 2021 was a difficult time for travel and The Leap handled everything competently and efficiently." - Tania

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