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How to plan your ski season for 2021/2022

Written by Zoe Faulkner on 28 / 07 / 2021

Gap Year Advice

The ski season is back on.

This is what you need to do

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, after the non-existent season last year, but time is of the essence. Due to COVID and Brexit the path to a job is a little more complicated, so listen in to the top tips from Roger and Nick who have their ears and eyes on all thing skiing.

We chatted to Nick from Orchard Cookery School and Roger from Oyster Worldwide about how best to secure a ski season.

To listen to the instagram live - click here: or read a summary of their advice below:

Orchard Cookery School

First up - Nick from the Orchard Cookery School who specialise in training chalet cooks. Nick confirms that the main ski companies will be looking for UK chalet staff. They have to advertise their jobs to the French and EU members first BUT after 3 weeks they can offer the job to a non-EU applicant. Like the UK, there is a distinct lack of hospitality staff in France, so they predict there will be jobs and visas for us Brits - might not as many so get moving quickly.

His top tips:

  • You should be applying for ski jobs jobs now.
  • Get experience in hospitality.
  • Do a cooking course. If Orchard is full try and tell you are a LEAP VIP member.
  • Orchard will help and advise with your CV, interview training, ski company presentations and interviews.
  • Private chalet jobs will be available - put yourself out there on Radio HP and on the mums net.

Oyster Worldwide

Next up we spoke to Roger from Oyster Worldwide, a gap year travel company who specialise in ski seasons in Canada and Austria – offering ski instructor courses, ski instructor roles, or jobs in hospitality and childcare.

Roger reports:

  • Canada and Austria are looking for gap year staff as many jobs are available in the hospitality sector due to lack of local staff. (What's going on?)
  • Canada have about 5,500 work visas available. About half have gone so there is a race for a place. BTW - you need a job first - then apply for visa.
  • The Canadian and US border is opening in September so lots of tourists will be heading to the Canadian slopes - therefore a busy vibe in the mountains.
  • Canada is a wonderful place to do your season, they are so friendly and once you arrive many people choose not to leave. Whistler is a great location, 2 hours from Vancouver and once you finish many people take a flight down to Mexico or Hawaii. You could even stay and do the summer season out there and work in the mountain bike industry.
  • Austria - clearly closer to home and ski instructor courses available here.
  • Call Oyster ASAP for the full low down - and we mean this week NOT the next!
  • Rumour has it that Canada and Austria are going on to the green list from next Wednesday which is hugely exciting.

What do I do now?

Move fast. Oyster have an allotted number of visas to issue for ski instructor/hospitality staff and they have about half left.

Contact Orchard Cookery School or Oyster Worldwide and get your ski season nailed.



See you on the slopes.


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