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Gap year volunteers needed to join the war on plastic

Written by Emily Acheson-Gray on 12 / 06 / 2019

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With at least 8 million tons of plastic entering our oceans each year, here at The Leap, we are determined to try and prevent the already critical condition of our planet from worsening. Everyone from Pharrell Williams to Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall is getting involved in the ‘war on plastic’ and so can you by taking the leap towards a more sustainable future!

The facts

On average, plastic bags are only used for 12 minutes, they then take 500 years to completely degrade. Devastatingly, plastic is now the most common element found in the ocean and is projected to increase by 10 in the next decade. David Attenborough warned that “the oceans are under threat now as never before in human history”; however, recycling just one plastic bottle could provide enough energy to power a light bulb for 3 hours…easy!

Help us save the planet for both current and future generations, here’s how you can get involved…

Costa Rica

Since 2014 Costa Rica’s energy has come from 99% renewable sources, forcing it into the top 5 countries in the world pioneering renewable resources. To help achieve the country’s goal of becoming the first plastic-free and carbon-free country by 2021, we’re proud to offer our Costa Rica program involving educating the locals further about the potentials for recycling and reducing waste as well as helping with the upkeep of the tropical forest, protecting the turtle species, cleaning debris from streams and aiding reforestation in the area, all with the aim of preserving our planet one small leap at a time.

Bionic's vision

Pharrell Williams has notably become particularly involved with one of the largest problems faced by the world today: plastic pollution. With our similar concern for a more sustainable future, our Costa Rican program includes weekly beach clean-ups, preserving the stunning sandy stretches, so vital to the country’s tourist economy. Having combed the beaches for plastic, we take the collected recyclables to the local NGO, ‘Bionic’, who are working alongside Pharrell to innovatively transform this rubbish into clothes. The organisation relies on the Leapers’ help to collect, sort and squish the plastic into transportable cubes which are then shipped to the United States to be recycled into clothes. Watch this short video here to see what it is all about

So, what’s stopping you? Get involved with our planet saving Costa Rican adventure now…

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