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Written by Milly Whitehead on 25 / 05 / 2021

Gap Year Advice

Calling all Gappers – travelling is all possible.

Gappers – we know the last year has been super weird and your travel plans are probably looking a bit sketchy but I am swooping in to turn this around.

My name is Milly Whitehead and, with my team at The Leap, have been organising gap years for the last 20 years and like you can’t bear being told we can’t travel and stay at home.

Desperate for solutions we have been busy to find ways around and over these new rules...and game changing solutions we have found for all types of gap year traveller and I mean all types – from the hostel hopper independent type to those looking for structure and back-up.

We have sucessfully sent 100's of gappers away this year through the height of lockdown and a pandemic. Confidently we can now call ourselves covid travel experts.

So, the message is simple you can travel you just need to know where and how.

To get the word out quickly we have centralised all this information into a new travel hub called LEAP VIP, so you can quicky access:

  • A list of all the countries which are currently open and gapper safe.
  • Step by step knowledge on the travel admin required to enter the countries.
  • The insurance company who will insure you despite FCDO advice – BIG game changer.
  • Access to a 24/7 travel incident support team while you are travelling, so you can get out quickly should borders close again - BIG game changer.
  • Access to endorsed projects and contacts overseas – literally giving you our address book of key fixers in country to look after you.
  • Insider industry and updated travel updates as the world opens up.

And so much more - this knowledge hub is growing by the day as more opportunities become available.

So our message is simple – spread the word, bang the drum – for you can travel, you just need to be shown how and where. There is no need to stay at home.

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It costs £100 for a year’s membership which is redeemable against so many things on the other side - so it's a win win for everyone.

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Your travel resource to help you make the most of your Gap Year.

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