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Written by Milly Whitehead on 08 / 10 / 2023

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the travel advice out there? How many rabbit holes have you gone down? One minute TikTok is telling us to go here - the next minute it's being slated...where to start, what to do? We feel your pain and are here to help.

How? Well, to start off with we've brain dumped all our 'travel knowledge' to create a gap friendly travel hub with the aim to start the ball rolling...a one stop global map of tips and tricks - covering Africa, Asia, South America. Central America, New Zealand and Australia. So, sign up and get rummaging about - it's all free and updated by the Leap team and other gappers who have recently returned from sunny climes.

Once you've done this you you should be inspired and have a clear plan of action. However, if you're not, (and still caught in headlights) then get in contact, you might find you need Milly's help to streamline your plans, introduce you to her global contacts, and make sure you travel safely and responsibly. FYI travel consultations cost £150pp (discount for groups) which covers 3 zoom calls covering - brainstorming, planning and packing and safety.

This travel advice hub is perfect for both the independent traveller, and for those planning on travelling after their team Leap programme. It will help you navigate the complexity of travel and give you the confidence to step off the tourist trail.

So, sign up and make your gap year the best it can possibly be.

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