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I want to go on a gap year but i've no idea where to start...

Written by Milly Whitehead on 04 / 09 / 2019

Gap Year Advice

I plan on taking a gap year but I’m not sure where to start…

We have heard this so many times and it is a phrase that comes around again and again. From people who book a week before the program begins to those who are planning ahead – you’re not alone. We know how overwhelming and daunting it can seem and like there is a wealth of information out there that you can’t get your head into. Fear not, grab a cuppa (chocolate biscuit optional but advised) and let us answer a few of those questions.

Help – I want to take a gap year but how do I make it happen?

Great news! I can tell we’re going to get on brilliantly. Even making that decision to commit to a gap year is a great start. Now you need to think about where – don’t pick somewhere just because your friends are going there or because everyone on Instagram seems to have been. Take time to think about what you want – do you have a passion for working in conservation, scuba diving or learning a new language? At the end of the day, your gap year is for you – develop a skill and make yourself stand out on CVs and university applications. Browse by experience type here

I’m doing this adventure solo as all my friends are off to university/jobs – can I really do this alone?

Well done for being brave enough to go against the grain and create your own path. That alone says you are totally able to do this. You will travel out as a team if flying from the UK so the chances are you will have made friends before you’ve even left the rainy UK skies behind. Everyone will be in the same boat – nerves are absolutely normal and hidden just below them is a wave of excitement – you’re off to do something incredible that not everyone gets the opportunity to do – go out there and grab every moment. You will be amazed how quickly you all bond and become part of a bigger picture. You’ll be met in country by our wonderful leaders who look after you from start to finish, and we’re on hand 24/7 back here in the UK should your parents need anything.

How do I work my gap year around my fixed dates?

Easy – you can browse by departure month on our website to see what program slots into your plans, meaning you can do your ski season and still travel with us. We’re flexible too – dates don’t suit? – join at a later date. Because we’re kind we’ve even set up additional dates in Ecuador in February and May so you can complete your ski season and then join us. But the world is your oyster…

It seems so overwhelming to organise – where do I start?

Leave all the organising to us. We specialise in sending teams overseas to volunteer – simply choose the program you wish to do, then leave the rest to us. We can help you book flights, travel insurance and make it as hassle free as possible. We understand that it is often Leapers’ first-time solo travelling and it can feel daunting so we’re here to help every step of the way.

Have I left it too late to go on a gap year?

Depending on when you want to go, we have plenty of options. If you’re sat on the sofa reading this as we speak, desperate to go and do something amazing then you can join our Madagascar and Costa Rica September programs just a few weeks after the start date – we’d need to be speedy but it’s all doable. If you are looking at travelling early next year then hop on board our January programs and get ticking those destinations off your bucket list. If you’re looking for something a little different why not discover our internships in Sri Lanka and Nepal in teaching, care or medicine if you would like hands on experience in those fields. What’s even better is that the dates are very flexible – choose when you go and for how long.

Hopefully this has helped ease you into taking the first step to planning your gap year. We aim to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible – meaning you get to focus on the adventure. If you have further questions drop me an email on info@theleap.co.uk and I will be pleased to help you get your gap year show on the road.

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