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Written by Zoe Faulkner on 22 / 10 / 2022

Gap Year Advice

So the time has come for you to plan your gap year. Last year we sent hundreds of Leapers away and they all decided to stay on longer after their program with their new friends and travel - great stuff.

We can't be on call 24/7 for your onward travel but we know the experts who can. Introducing Travel Aid. They deal with everything on your gap year from lost bags, to drink spiking to road traffic incidents. Do not leave home without Travel Aid being in your phone book.

What is Travel Aid?

Travel Aid is a specialist risk, reputation and crisis management consultancy. They provide assistance to organisations in the education, health, adventure and travel sector to prevent, prepare and respond to critical incidents.

Travel Aid provides a range of services to help prevent the likelihood of critical incidents happening in the travel sector.

What does that mean for me as a gapper?

It means that if you come into difficulty while away you have someone on hand ready and waiting to help you in a given situation. You call the team at Travel Aid and their team of dedicated Incident Responders will be there to help you – whether that is for minor incidents such as losing your bag with all your valuables and ID in all the way to a critical incident like a coach crash.

Why would I use Travel Aid if I have insurance?

Travel Aid is not an insurance company. They are a risk consultancy and will work alongside your insurance provider to mitigate the severity of an incident while you are away. They are skilled at helping you understand any potential common pitfall risks of travel.

You can even use it when you are back from your travels and at uni in freshers week for example and finding yourself in times of difficulty ie drink spiking.

What experience does Travel Aid have?

Founded by ex-army colleagues, Travel Aid is owned and run by Pharos - a highly experienced team of consultants, incident managers, medical and technical advisors. They are not robots in a call centre reading off the script, they are highly specialised and will give you expert advice in times of crisis. Collectively there are very few places on Earth that Pharos have not visited, so they are equipped to deal with scenarios.

What incidents would I call Travel Aid for assistance with?

From pick pocketing to drink spiking to transport accidents all the way to mountain falls, drownings, missing people, arrests and robberies. They deal with a large spectrum of incidents ranging in severity.

Can my parents use it while I am way if I need them to?

Yes with your permission and consent form.

How do I purchase Travel Aid?

If you are a Leap you will see the link in your My Leap area. If you are a Leap VIP member you will find the link in VIP. This link will give you a huge discount. Thank us later.

Your Leap VIP member discount code: LVZGRCCF

Here's some direct links on the site that might be useful to you -

TravelAid FAQs sent to travellers when they sign up, which may help field questions you may get about the service:


TravelSafe - online gap year safety training course:


A 3 month Backpacker subscription - cost about £130 ( including Leap discount)

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