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Travel and volunteer safely post lockdown

Written by Milly Whitehead on 29 / 07 / 2021

Gap Year Advice

Crawling back to normality...

We have safely managed to send gappers away for the last 8 months - safely and responsibly across Africa and Central America. With sensible and realistic covid procedures in place our gappers have surfed in the Pacific, contributed to plastic ocean projects and lived...really lived without fear.

And the word is out that we are doing this and the phone does not stop - as there are hundred of gappers out there looking for answers and opportunities to see the world through a different lens. Some want a structured program - some want to independently travel but need the tools to do.

So this is how The Leap, with their steel boots on, is tackling covid and the gap year for 2021/2022.

Leap programs

Currently we are running programs to Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia. Ecuador TBC. Have a read here about how they roll. Different programs suit different people.

  • We are not asking for any deposits until one month pre-departure.
  • We are financially protected and have reliable and influential ground operators to support our programs. Read more
  • Flights,insurance and airport transfers - it's a minefield of new laws and regulations. We will guide you through the new "norm".

Take me to these open programs

Independent Travel

For all you backpackers we have built you a very special area called Leap VIP. This is a travel advice resource where you can access hot off the press news - telling you where and how you currently travel to. The purpose of this resource is to give you the confidence and know how to travel.

Tell me more about Leap VIP

How are we doing this?

It's all about the insurance. We have badgered many an insurance company to cover you despite the FCO restrictions to travel. And we got there - both company and Leapers can be insured. Whoo hoo...this is ground breaking and we are on of very few travel companies who have nailed this.

So, the message is – think big, keep planning and get your name on our team lists

Everyone needs's as essential as Netflix and a strong cup of tea

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Start the ball rolling


The world has get your name down on one of our programs or on Leap VIP. There is a serious shortage of supply and knowledge.

Here to help.

Help me plan my gap year

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With the covid travel experts

Worried about how to travel and plan your gap year through this pandemic?

We can help. We have sent lots of gappers away through the last 12 months and can confidently call ourselves Covid Travel Experts. Get in contact to start the ball rolling.

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