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Travel and volunteer safely post lockdown

Written by Milly Whitehead on 19 / 05 / 2020

Gap Year Advice

I know we keep harping on about our Wish to Leap list and you might be thinking seriously, what’s the rush, we can only just leave our gardens...But there is method to my madness, trust me here...

Let me treat you to a little insight, having listened to a webinar today with the top newspaper editors who quite simply have made my day. We all need a bit of hope during these weird and wonderful times and they certainly nailed it for us at Leap Towers...

They confirmed, in glorious technicolour:

  • We will travel long haul again, sooner than we think, but we must urge everyone to travel with a more social and responsible consciousness. (That suits us perfectly).
  • They report that the pent-up demand is huge and there will be a squeeze, a ‘race for a place’ as there will be less supply, for obvious reasons, sadly. (Don't worry - we're here for the long term and we've noticed this pent up demand as our inbox is busy). A response to this will be crafty, opportunistic scams to satisfy the demand - be aware.
  • There will be a revival of the tour operator who is financially protected and has reliable and influential ground operators to get you out of trouble, if need be. (By the way …did we tell you that we had no stranded volunteers on our watch? - must stop bragging).

Like you, I hear this and want to flick flag across the garden. Exciting times will indeed be back, so get planning your gap year and make it as super sonic as, lets be honest, we will all need a gold plated adventure after this lock down.

BUT, conversely, I am urging you to be careful, this is not the time to be heading off into the unknown with your backpack as a soul companion - never has thorough pre-travel due diligence been so important, so get yourself on our Wish to Leap list, and let us take care of your safety. View it as a Leap VIP card which will give you access to:

The inside track

There is so much more to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) advice and country borders opening up. Post covid-19 lock down we will need to complete a new risk assessment on each project and program. One of the key questions we need to know is how do the local communities feel? Do they want us back or are they fearful of us? What were the real numbers of cases and can their hospitals cope? Are repatriation flights allowed back in? Just some of the questions we will be finding out from reliable sources.

First come first served

You will be on our radar and will receive country updates before anyone else so you can have first choice of program and departure date. We also have extra programs, in other countries, up our sleeve so we can chase open borders, safely.

Complete flexibility

We have complete flexibility with regard to departure dates and sliding you between programs. So, for example if you book onto Madagascar in September but it doesn't open until October then we can manage the date change, if you can. We can also slide your booking to a different country if another country opened up first and that suited you better.

Financial protection for a peace of mind

This is where the tour operator comes into its own ...any operator, worth its salt, has this in place. What this means is, if we went bust (god forbid and not going to happen) you would get paid back for the cost of the program. Read more.

We take care of all the new laws and regulations

Flights, insurance and airport transfers - it's going to be a minefield of new laws and regulations. How is it all going to work and what are the new rules? Leave it to us to find out and we will guide you through the new "norm".

So, how to get on the wish list?

Literally go on our website – find your dream destination and press the BOOK button. Book on BUT do not pay a deposit. We will ask you for that when the world starts moving again and we know how the other side is looking.

So, the message is – think big, keep planning and get your name on our list, if nothing else this gives everyone hope – you, us and our overseas communities who are really struggling right now and need to know you are coming back.

Everyone needs hope...it's as essential as Netflix and a strong cup of tea.

Stay safe,


Start the ball rolling


The world will re-open and you need to be ready...so get on our "wish to travel" list, which puts you on our radar. All you need to do is book your dream adventure and we will be in touch. No need to pay anything until the world re-opens.

See you on the other side.

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