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We are pro's at covid travel admin - leave that to us. All you need to do is tell us where you want to go and how you want to travel - are you a lone ranger or pack animal, beach or desert?

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If you want to travel with a team of like minded gappers - then TEAM LEAP is for you. All admin, itinerary and social life taken care of. What we have found this year is most Leapers have started with a team program then as travelled independently afterwards with their new friends - a perfect combo

So, roll call please for the following 'open team programs'. These programs have passed the Leap covid-risk assessment and we have solutions to get you back home with relative ease. You are good to go.

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We know there are so many gappers who want to travel independently but in this new pandemic world there is so much uncertainty that many might be loosing their confidence and not know where to start.

Enter LEAP VIP - our lock down hero, built to help the independent traveller access up-to-date travel advice and gold star projects, adventures and contacts overseas. We have basically opened our black book of contacts around the world to allow the independent gapper travel safely and responsibly.

Have a read of what Tilly and Christa Cripwell achieved through LEAP VIP -

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