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While you may not be able to travel right now, we are urging our customers to join 'wish to travel' lists so that when the world opens up (and it will) we can then see you have registered interest and get you out doing some meaningful responsible volunteering.

Now more than ever it is more important to keep the dream alive - start by taking our quiz to find out where is best suited to you - are you more mountain than beaches, more turtles than trekker? Find out...

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We have different programs in different continents - all with their distinct flavour providing individual experiences. Start rummaging about to find your best fit.

Sixteen Different Countries

The World is at your feet.

Ask yourself: when else are you going to have no homework, no job, no mortgage, no kids, and no worries? Never. The answer is never. On a gap year you'll integrate into a new society, a new group of friends, you'll soak up so much culture you'll forget there was ever such a thing as a McDonald's - and all while you're still in your prime.

Life feels like it's unravelling fast right now, and at university things only move faster. So give yourself some room to think and breathe and be, whether that's beneath the waterfalls of South America, or on high wires in Costa Rica. Make no mistake - the limitless potential you have right now to travel is one of life's rare gifts. Where will you decide to go?

Gap year post lockdown?

Worried about how to travel and plan post lockdown? We get it and are here to help, to make sure you travel safely and responsibly. Get in contact to start the ball rolling.

Or give us a call on +44 1672 519 922

And chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team

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