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Written by The Leap on 25 / 02 / 2014

Gap Year Advice

So you've finally convinced your parents that you have good reasons to go on a gap year. Now the only thing left is for you to do is to actually decide where you want to go!

Though with it being such a big world out there, it can be tough knowing the best and worst spots. After all, there's no telling if you're gonna be able to convince your parents that a second gap year is worth it. So you better make this one count.

But which places truly deserve your attention when it comes to planning a gap year itinerary? I mean, it needs to be perfect, doesn't it?


With heaps of culture, India is a sure bet when it comes to having an amazing experience. Add on top of that the fact that your limited budget will take you a long way thanks to a favourable exchange rate, and India might just be the right choice for you.

India is a huge place, and the north of the country is nothing like the south. So if you do find yourself getting bored of easy life in Goa, you can always hop on a train and head to another region such as the Punjab.

South East Asia

The most popular destinations here are Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. You don't have to pick just one though, and in fact it might be best if you visit all three if you opt to travel in South East Asia.

If you don't know much about the region, you'll be fascinated and amazed once you arrive. It's famous for its spectacular mountain villages, as well its stunning culinary delights.

The Leap's expertly-planned trips to Cambodia have always been very popular with our Leapers. Who wouldn't want to hang out on tropical islands, do some trekking through jungles, and explore some of the most colourful markets in the world?

South America

If you can afford a little more than most, South America definitely deserves your attention. With it's rapidly growing economy, it's becoming more and more modern every day - so you won't feel too homesick.

Of course, pockets of nostalgic culture still remain dotted throughout the region, and you'll be able to take advantage of these if you choose opt for a mixed itinerary rather than staying in just one place.

If you are thinking of visiting the region, try and visit around the quieter months, such as September and October. This will give you the chance to save some money on flights and will save you from the high-season tourist crowds.

Time to Start Packing?

A gap year can be a great experience, especially if you love travel. If you've got a lot of options in terms of where you can visit, the prospect can seem all that more exciting as the world is now your oyster.

Even still, it can get a little overwhelming when you're presented with so much choice. In times like these, you might want to narrow down your options a little. Pick places like the ones above so you're sure to have a great gap year, making all that time spent convincing your parents worth the effort.

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