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Keep the dream alive - while the world is in lockdown take a chance to mentally escape and dream of sunnier climes. Where will you be volunteering? We will Leap again...

Australia - currently not open

Road Trip + Conservation


Exploration, elephant conservation & community development.

Colombia - currently not open

Reforestation + Community Development + Adventure

Costa Rica

Plastic oceans, turtles & cloud forest

Costa Rica Scuba

Marine Conservation + Scuba Diving


Road Trip + Vounteering + Culture

Ecuador - currently not open

Adventure and community-led sustainable development

Guatemala - currently not open

Turtle conservation, teaching and a Volcano Trek


Help a pioneering marine conservation intiative

Costa Rica

Where are you looking to go?

It isn't easy - we grant you, to decide where you should venture. To help, have a look at these 4 destinations which are currently open.

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Gap year post lockdown?

Worried about how to travel and plan post lockdown? We get it and are here to help, to make sure you travel safely and responsibly. Get in contact to start the ball rolling.

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