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Where can I travel to right now?

In a post COVID world the main question on all our traveller's lips is - where can I safely travel to now and in the near future?

Well wonder no more, here is our hit list...these countries are open to us, we can get insurance and they have passed the covid-risk assessment. You are good to go.

Our booking policy is very simple - if you book and can't go due to any covid reason - you get your money back in full.

Costa Rica

Departs: 23rd October, 27th November, 8th January,

Venture out to Costa Rica to contribute to vital turtle, forest and beach conservation whilst learning to surf, speak Spanish and experience an adrenaline filled cloud forest adventure week.

Perfect for: for those who want to travel off grid to experience tropical island living, wildlife, yoga, surfing and turtle protection

Head to Costa Rica


Departs: 9th November, 13th January

Venture out to Kenya to help a pioneering team protect the reefs and marine life by educating and refocusing the traditions of the local fishing communities.

Perfect for: The adventurous, eco warriors, hearty gappers



Departs: 13th May 2021

To assist in creating a new national park to house the endangered rhino. This is history in the making and is simply extraordinary.

Perfect for: Adventurers (mountain biking and trekking), those who love the great outdoors and camping under the starry sky and passionate about wildlife conservation.

Head to Namibia


OPENING SOON Departs: 7th January 2021

An epic journey of contrast, contribution and challenge as you explore 3 contrasting environments and cultures.

Perfect for: The adventurous, eco warriors, adrenaline junkies


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