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Bringing our gap year programs to life

Simplest way to get a feel of things on our programs is by watching a quick video...Please remember that you will find the leap team vibe everywhere - all you need to decide is where...


Combines marine + environment + safari

Costa Rica Scuba

Padi training + reef conservation

Exploration in Namibia

Wilderness conservation + adventure


Reef conservation + safari


Meet our team leader in Vietnam

Costa Rica Scuba

Padi + reef + turtles

Costa Rica Rewilding

Wildlife + turtles + cloud forest exploration

Costa Rica Adventure

Community + wildife conservation + turtles


Reserve conservation + wilderness

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Spanish + surfing + turtles + environment

Protect the Planet

Do your bit for the planet


Leaper highlights

Save The Planet

Combine travel with contribution


Dancing + spanish + community

Costa Rica Scuba

Reef regeneration + padi courses

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Leap team highlights


Our mission in Namibia

Costa Rica - Plastic Ocean's Team

Team highlights


Mummy leapard at night

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Program highlights

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Surfing at Santa Teresa

Costa Rica

Where you stay

Costa Rica Plactic Ocean

Insight into the community recycling project


Showing you around Antigua

Costa Rica

Jakera Surf Camp

Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Past leaper feedback on their highlights


Community and Conservation

Costa Rica

Open Gap Year Programs

As we come out of the pandemic not every program is open or survived. We are opening up slowly focusing on countries that pass our covid risk assessments. Have a look at our top 4 programs:

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