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Post-College Decision Day

Explore your Gap Year travel options

So, what next? You've got college sorted, (congratulations!), and now you need to find something exciting to fill those free semesters looming on the horizon. Let's see how we can help, we send many volunteers away from across the pond.

You are deferring...

Excellent, you have time on your side to do something truely amazing. Travel, explore and contribute by joining one of our programs in Africa, Asia and South or Central America, departing in line with every semester.

The key is to find your perfect fit - which country, environment or type of challenge are you after?

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Heading straight to college...

And only have the summer to play with. No problem, we can help you make the most of your summer break by joining one of programs which involve travel, challenge and contribution.

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Got a burning question you can't find the answer to? Filled with panic about organising your gap year? Or maybe you just fancy a friendly chat and some advice about your options? We're here to help.

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