Adventure in Trinidad and volunteering in Havana - Liv Reid


So now we have returned for our final 10 days in Havana, in which we will be volunteering.

We spent 2 more days in Trinidad since I last gave you an update. On Tuesday we cycled to the coast – a classic Cuban picturesque white sanded beach where we spent most of the day in the sea and the beach bars that line the sand. On Wednesday we went trekking on horseback along a disused rail track and through the countryside just outside of the city. We rode through the beautiful landscape – past banana and sugar plantations – and then trekked to a waterfall in which we went swimming. And despite the various aches and pains experienced the next day from the ‘caballos’ it was a fantastic experience!

Back in Havana have been helping out at a local childrens centre. On Thursday, having travelled from Trinidad to Havana, we went to cook with the children – making guacamole and sweet potato chips. Despite the limited resources that this centre has we made the most of everything there and saw with how little we were able to give the kids so much. We went back the next afternoon after Spanish classes to play games with the children – charades, musical chairs and other team games. This week we are starting work on a basketball court in Havana – repairing and repainting the facilities that are there already.

As well as the volunteering work, we have been keeping up the Spanish lessons every morning and have down time in the evenings and weekends spent soaking up the buzz and atmosphere of Havana for our final week here!


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