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Camera traps and animal tracking

This week started very exciting for us, because we’ve got the chance to be part of a “game capture”. For that we had to drive to the “Oas Stables”, where a very lovely guy called Mantie and his wife Pennie welcomed us. The phrase “My friend”,which Mantie used a lot, is still stuck in our heads today. It was an unbelievable experience for all of us to get so close to the wild animals like the Springboks. Another highlight was the last evening at Mantie’s. We’ve been in a real building for the first time since our arrival, which gave all of us a happy feeling, and the boys could play pool! It was a wonderful time over there.

On our way back we made it to the library, were we could finally get in touch with our loved ones back home, so this weekend was full of highlights.

The next exciting thing we’ve did was tracking for animals. For that we had to get up very early and drove with Red and Fisho to a waterpoint where Fisho led us on a track through the mountains and we could actually see some wild mountain zebras on top of one mountain. During one rest we decided to find Willie’s Rusk, a homage to our loved Rusks without which we (especially Will) couldn’t survive out here.

During our second week we also installed some Camera Traps to get to know the wildlife a bit better in the area we live in. It was a very exciting week and we look forward to what I’m sure will be similarly incredible weeks to come here in Namibia.

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