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Made in Cambodia part 5 by Grace Castle

Unsurprisingly we once again went to see the sunset. This time it was at Phnom Krom Temple which stands high on a hilltop just outside of Siem Reap. It overlooks Tonle Sap and its waterways, rice paddies and stilted multicoloured houses. In the rainy season the town below us would be surrounded by water, but when we were there we saw green fields spreading right to the horizon.

We climbed slowly up the hill with the setting sun to our left and baby goats to our right. The first level was a working temple that was surrounded by white blossom trees. It was beautiful and meant that the white and gold temple was accentuated by its surroundings. However the historic temple was still yet to come. Phnom Krom Temple is included in the Angkor complex. Although not situated in the expanse of the Angkor Complex it has earned its place by being built in the 9th Century.

Prasat Phnom Krom consists of three stone tower like structures. They are relatively small and seemed to us as if they acted as shrines. However, the highlight of the trek was by far the view on the other side of the hill. Below us was an expanse of green, something I hadn’t seen much of in Cambodia. It reminded me of England. It was beautiful. Once again, the sun turned bright pink as it went down for another day.

A few days later we went to the Made in Cambodia Market having had the time of our lives at Wild Bar. By this time in the trip we had exhausted every single market in Siem Reap multiple times. Made in Cambodia market had a much wider variety of things. Although more expensive, everything was handmade in Cambodia, showing off their craftsmanship. It is a much more responsible way to shop in Cambodia but we couldn’t help enjoying the other markets more. It was an experience in itself walking through narrow walkways between stalls all selling similar items.

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