Mount Kinabalu and artificial reef building - Borneo by Ellie Walton

The final leg of the Borneo chapter approaches, goodbyes are to be made, artificial coral reefs to be manufactured and a mountain to be climbed was to be one of the most testing weeks yet.

First things first, we were about to climb a mountain, for some of us it was our first climb yet... we were definitely apprehensive. However the rest of the team were there every step of the way to build us up when we literally thought we close to giving up! It got to the 2am wake up call, with barely any sleep, we prepared for the steep climb to the summit which was the penultimate moment of the climb... the sunrise. Walking clothes on and head torches in place, we were ready. With perseverance and amazing support from each other, we all made it up in time for the sun rising, even with heavy heads and sore knees, the sites we could see made it 100% worth it.

We then faced a contrast in climate in Kudat which put us all to our limits, we made the most of our rest days before we started the last of our projects. The project entailed us to create a structure for an artificial coral reef to support the efforts of the local turtle conservation. Despite rest and recover days, we were able to finish the structure which will later be able to be placed in the ocean.

As we made our way to Kota Kinabalu we started to realise that we'd be losing three of the team members. Therefore it was obligatory that we had to see the end of the Borneo leg with a few drinks, good food and island hopping. With sore heads we were still able to enjoy our last day snorkelling off the coast of KK. It was such a good way to end what has been a fab six weeks. The two days had passed and we parted ways. We said our goodbyes as Joe, Amelie and Emman headed home and we flew on to our next chapter of the trip: the Philippines.

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