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Our Last Week in Costa Rica

We’re back from Costa Rica and the whole experience now, to me, feels completely surreal. Living right by the beach, being able to surf when we want and seeing turtles laying eggs right in front of a restaurant all seems like a dream now I’m back in England.

The last week was probably one of the best out of the 10 weeks. We were free to do what we liked and we prioritised spending time with one another before we returned to our scattered locations around the globe. We spent a large amount of time on the gorgeous beach, exploring new parts of it, sunbathing and swimming. A few of us also rented ATVs which was a really good laugh as well as being super useful for trips to the ATM or to cafes.

Some of my favourite memories from the last week are; Watching the sunset every evening on the beach. Each day it’s completely different, a different colour and intensity but every time it amazed me how beautiful it is. Regardless of what we were doing at around 5pm we’d drop it and go to the beach!

Meals out at our favourite restaurants with everyone were a definite highlight. We played many games of cards and recalled memories of the last months. We also made numerous plans to meet up again in the near future. It’s ridiculous how close you become with one another when you’ve shared every moment together for 10 weeks. It’s weird being home and not having anyone around you remember the time that we got rained out of Jakera and had to camp out in a supermarket for several hours.

I miss everyone huge amounts and cannot wait to see them all again! Costa Rica with The Leap has been one of the best experiences of my life. Living in a community with a completely different culture, in the rainforest and by the beach has been otherworldly. Being able to be a midwife to turtles and see their babies hatch and release them into the sea has been so much more amazing than I could ever have imagined. Zip lining, climbing up hollow trees, wading across flooded bridges, surfing and hearing howler monkeys whilst having breakfast are all experiences I will never forget. It truly has been a great experience and I think the amount of tears at the airport prove it.

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