Salt water crocs and cheeky monkeys - Chloe Ring

After 3 buses and a short boat trip we arrived at Kinabatangan River. As soon as we got there we were taken off on a boat safari. We weren’t sure what to expect or how much we’d see other than birds. The first thing spotted was a salt water crocodile! Although we only got a short glimpse of it, we were incredibly lucky as the water was so high and it was unlikely that we’d see one! As we continued, we saw some monkeys high up in the trees too! However, the most beautiful aspect to this particular tour was the amazing sunset, the first we’d seen since arriving in Borneo!

We stayed in lodges with a really quirky setup. They would sound the dong for meal times and whenever we needed to be ready. Everyone staying there would then come to the eating area to all have meals together which made a really nice atmosphere.

We then went on an early morning boat safari at 6am, it was very wet and foggy but it didn’t dampen our mood! Unfortunately not many animals were out. This was made up for on the evening safari when we saw monkeys less than two metres away from us. There was even a baby clinging to its mother. We couldn’t believe how close we were to the wild animals!

We also took a day hike through the forest on a nature walk where, among many animals, we saw a huge lizard! We saw it catch fish and eat bread. Emma, Eliza and I also decided to go on the night walk where we found frogs, scorpion and some exotic looking birds. It was great fun to be out in the jungle at night for our first time with head torches to guide our way. The next day we had a coach ride to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. We stayed in a longhouse with a very cool area to chill with hamocks where we relaxed. The following day we went to the Orangutan Centre. There we saw the baby Orangutans that had been rejected by their parents. We watched them being fed and playing with the handlers.

A new addition to the sanctuary is the Sun Bear Centre where we saw lots of the smallest bears in the world. While we were watching them one of the Rangers got a call through to say we couldn’t go back to the visitor centre. This was because there were two orangutans sitting on the roof of the centre! When we could come back we walked past and saw one of them less than two metres above our head, looking very cheeky!!

In the afternoon we visited the rainforest centre where we walked along a canopy skywalk, saw the botanical gardens and learnt more about the animals here in the discovery exhibition. We then saw the next feeding for the orangutans where we saw two parents with their baby. It was amazing to see these animals from just ten metres away, feeding on fruit as they would in the wild. It is the sanctuary’s aim to make the orangutan independent enough to be released back into the wild.

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