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Teaching in Madagascar - Courteney Slater

Today is Saturday, this week has gone so quick it’s insane. I don’t even know where to begin! We’ve really started to settle in now and everyone is forming really close friendships which is amazing because it’s been such a short amount of time.

I’m currently doing teaching which is so incredible and rewarding. We have a lot of different lessons with ages ranging from 3 to people in their 50s. I find it so amazing that they are so eager to learn and try so hard. It’s also really fun doing teaching because you learn a lot of Malagasy which makes teaching a lot easier and even just walking around in the villages a easier as you can have conservations with the locals and they appreciate us making an effort to learn their language as well. An average day in teaching can be 1-3 classes a day, I’ve only had two a day so far, one in the morning at around 9 and one in the afternoon at around 4. Some classes are easier than others as the children tend not to listen that much but the lessons are fun and get very loud and crazy.

The weekends are so good because we get to go into Hellville to have some drinks and stay in a hotel there. Hellville is interesting to say the least but in a good way, it’s so much fun. The boat to get there from camp is at 6am and takes about half an hour so we get there, get a hotel and do some shopping or get breakfast. You HAVE to take the opportunity to do some shopping because you can get sauces for lunch and dinner or Nutella to have with breakfast and literally everybody shares everything so things run out very quickly. You can also get snacks for in the week because it is hard getting used to just three meals a day with no snacks if you are used to snacking which most of us are.

It’s so weird how it feels like I’ve been here forever and yet it also feels like it’s gone so quick??? I can’t wait for the next few weeks, especially the next one because some of us go on island outreach on Wednesday which is supposed to be amazing. I’m excited to find out what it’s like and to have a new experience here.


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