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Coporaque, Colca Canyon and Snow-Capped Mountains

Hey everyone reading this week’s blog. Sorry it has been a bit of a while but sadly I haven’t had charge for my phone and so have found it difficult to write entries, but now I have a charger again so that will change, I promise.

Okay where do I start ? So Coparaque was overall an amazing experience but sadly very disorganised and the village elders in charge of the programme were simply not up to the task of making significant use of us. This did made us all feel abit silly for being there though we all loved the kids and decided not to leave early because it wouldn’t be fair on them. Mika and Beatriz were especially good with the younger kids and me, Richard and Will found it easier to play with the older ones. Found out we are all pretty good at volley ball! Richard called himself the Ronaldo of volley ball which was very modest of him

After we left Coparaque we made our way to Cabanaconda which was about an hour and a half away, first thing I noticed was again the breathtaking view of the snow tipped mountains surrounding us. Not to mention a higher number of tourists which was quite a nice change. Having had an amazing dinner and got an early night, we then headed to the oasis at the bottom of the Colca canyon. The trip down was more difficult than I imagined it would be and was I very hot and bothered by the time we reached Sagalle at the bottom, but quickly remedied that with a jump in the pool. The hostel was like something out of a movie and was dreamlike, with friendly dogs roaming and palm tree’s blocking out the sweltering sun. A small problem was that everyone misunderstood that we had to bring money to pay for meals as we had assumed they had already been paid for and so it meant I had to loan Richard and Will a bit of money for food, but they paid me back when we got to Arequippa so it wasn’t a massive problem.

The trek up the canyon was one of the biggest team building exercises I think we have done and we were all pretty chuffed by how quickly we did it in. Of course this was achieved by Richards amazing music choice and my speaker, which I remembered to charge up the night before. We even got a couple of thank you’s from the other hikers for the music!! Overall such an experience and can’t wait for the other amazing hikes and insane views I’m gonna experience. Will post again soon.


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