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Dear Gappers, and that includes the independent hostel hopper, the eco-warrior volunteer and the high octane expeditioner.

We know there's a lot of uncertainly out there and a knowledge wilderness with regard to planning your gap year, until now...

On the back of talking to many a gapper and their family throughout lockdown we realised we had to help the school leaver of 2020 who need some good news right now. Therefore we got busy and have found you ways to navigate the current FCO bans and access the 'open countries' safely and responsibly.

To make life easy we have centralised this information in Leap VIP so you can keep updated with one click of a button.

So, don't let corona ruin your gap year - join Leap VIP and let us help, guide and inform.

Join the private hub of Leap VIP and be the first to hear about opening borders, travel opportunities and access hot of the press travel updates.

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This resource is continually updated and expanded as updates come in. Follow us on @gapyearexperts - for update alerts.

Also - any questions send us an email info@theleap.co.uk


Where Whose borders are open?

Where in the world can we go?

Now we have nailed an insurance company to look after you regardless of the FCO advice, the world has opened up for the backpacker.

Currently you can go to a few countries in each continent - they want you to go there, we have agents ready to help organise you and an incident support team arranged to jump in should there be an trouble.

So, dust down the rucksack...


Insurance Who's covering corona?

Is a pandemic covered?

No is the simple answer, and before lock down a pandemic was tucked away in the small print - an absurd idea fictionalised by the movies.

Alas even the old and the bold were caught out and the ancient rules for the travel industry meant we were the guys who had to pay the customer back for services undelivered. It was a messy business.

Anyway, moving forward new rules are in place and if a country opens its international borders then COVID-19 is now not deemed a pandemic and falls into the normal illness bracket and will be treated as such.

Am I insured if the FCO advices against traveling there?

Most, in fact all insurance policies do not insure you if the FCO says no BUT we have found a way around that. We have persuaded an insurance company, who pre-covid, only insured journalists to war torn countries to step in and cover the young traveller of today. So in a nutshell - if a border is open you can now go.


Incident Response Team 27/7 back-up and support

24/7 Back-Up and Support

Again we have persuaded a company who only covered high profile corporations to widen their 24/7 service to the young traveller. They are amazing and right now having access to their network whilst you travel will key. They give advice from lost passports, accidents to borders closing. Do not leave home without their number.


Alerts Join us on social media

Social media

@gapyearexperts is where you need to be.

Never have we been more dependent on this - instagram is the place where we will notify you of all travel update - so please follow us.


Gap Consultation Discuss your travel plans

Chat through your gap plans

Entirely optional but highly recommended as Milly has been running The Leap for a very long time and her font of knowledge is extensive when it comes to what is looking possible in these weird times.

A chat with Milly will help give direction, hope and a realistic overview of safe paths to think about.

Book an appointment with Milly now.



48 hours prior booking

Everyone loves to be ahead of the curve so we will let all our VIPers have first dibs on opening programs/travel opportunites before its hits the database.


Leap endorced projects Go direct

Peak inside our little black book...

Never did we think we would ever consider doing this but throughout lock down we met some gorgeous people and projects around the world - people doing extraordinary things and are battling on against all odds to keep their mission alive.

For those travellers happy to go direct - I will happily introduce you knowing that we have vetted them and given them The Leap gold star. Our mantra being - would Guy and I send our kids there....


Flights Flexi passes and free cancellation


These bonds have never been so important with regard to flights - I mean we never saw the demise of STA coming.

But in addition to this we need to know who is flexible and who's going to do what in times of trouble and cancellation and most importantly who has a 24 hour emergency service with enough staff to answer the phone.


Health and safety Testing and quarantine

Swab testing and QR codes

Just the beginning - before departure there's is going to be ever changing admin the airport is going to be busy, despite no shops being open.

When each country opens up we will have this on hand to share with you all.


Podcasts The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

This is our new podcast series of inspirational stories from those who have chosen a different path - especially poignant right now when times are so uncertain. With so many of us being forced to swim against the tide, making different and often uncomfortable life decisions - we want to provide stories of hope and adventure to help spark courage and resilience.

Be open, be brave and tune in, some amazing stories lined up, linking you to our projects directly overseas.

Leap VIP Costs

The private hub of Leap VIP has been created to help the corona hit gappers of 20/21 navigate the unchartered and choppy waters of international travel.

We are asking for a one off annual subscription fee of £100 which is redeemable off all the travel opportunities, insurance and incident support services so you'll win, win purchase.

Subscription Cost

One off subscription fee

Benefits of the hub

First to hear

You'll hear of border openings 48 hours before anyone else.

Program options

You'll hear of program options from the 4 main gap year companies.

Independent travel

Top tips from those in the know, to help you travel safely.


Chat to Milly and maybe do somthing you may never have thought of.

Who are we?

Where to start - Guy and I have run The Leap for what seems like a life time and the last 5 months has certainly played with our heads. But challenge is what we do and we are excited about this resource for the year of corona hit gappers. Their are solutions for you to travel - we are finding them and will steer you along a safe and measured path.

This resource will come together with the help of our friends in the gap world and it should become a one stop shop. Right now it is in infancy but like all little acorns watch this space as the oak tree starts to take shape.

Be part of this community and we will help you travel safely and responsibly.

" Madagascar leap program SUPERB"

Experience of a lifetime, met people I would never have met and now consider them as my closest friends, gave me a more humble and appreciative view of life and provided me with memories that I can never replace and will never forget.

Highly RECOMMEND!!! (Make sure u like rice and beans and chickens in your room).

- Georgia Burgess

"The Leap is doing a great job"

The organisation and the briefing on the entire trip was great by "the leap". I felt very well prepared and ready to start my adventure. The people in the office are very friendly and always ready to answer your questions or problems. They take care all over the trip of you and they make everything to give you the perfect time in a beautiful new world.

- Johann Plato

"​I highly recommend first time travellers to use the Leap"

The trip to Madagascar is incredible as you get to experience such a diverse, beautiful island. The locals are super friendly and life on camp is great as you start to feel like a family. As the leap is one of three volunteering schemes on the same camp it’s easy to make lots of friends. Scuba diving was the most amazing experience.

Teaching was very very rewarding and made it easier to make friends with the local community. As I was ill whilst out there I can honestly say that The Leap was definitely worth the price as I was cared for very well and had someone come to hospital with me and translate everything as well as being very kind and caring. Overall, Madagascar was an amazing trip and I will definitely go back.

- Lucy Newman

"This experience was life changing."

Although this is from a personal point of view, i wanted to share the great personal development this trip gave me. I believe travel and unknown/unusual environments affects and shapes any individual.

It altered my being in a way i find hard to articulate, it changes you and challenges you that no 9-5 working existence ever could.

- Olivia

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