Gap Year in Central America

An undiscovered traveller's gem

You just won’t believe it … spanning eight countries you will find 300-plus volcanoes, two long tropical coasts, one with chilled-out Caribbean vibes and the other with monster Pacific swells, magnificent Mayan ruins, bustling markets and flourishing farms …it doesn’t get much better and yes we get it – we see what all the fuss is about.

Like its southern neighbour this part of the world has a geography for adventure and you’ll find yourself on many a jungle canopy zip wire eyeballing a howler monkey, or white water rafting down the rapids.

But it’s not all about nature, the culture here is mind blowing… today you will experience a great mix of chilled Caribbean, Spanish siesta’s and Congo drumbeats all rubbing along with the Mayan history which weaves from Mexico to Honduras. Preserved by the shade of the jungle, 5 spectacular ruins have survived. The best one of all being the lost temples of Tikal, soaring above the Guatemalan jungle canopy. Expect a spine-tingling moment as you step back 4000 years.

What are you looking to do?

We have 3 programs in Central America - Costa Rica, Guatemala and one very close by, over in Cuba. They all have a very hip distinct Spanish, Caribbean vibe to them making them all the more attractive to the traveller looking for adventure and fun - and I mean great fun. Costa Rica and Guatemala have turtle and forest conservation intertwined and Cuba focuses on community development.

Travelling around Central America

In all honesty it's easy to travel about Guatemala, Costa Rica and Cuba - they are fairly geared up for travellers if you are prepared to venture out on the Chicken buses (literally) or in a classic vintage car in Cuba (super cool). Costa rica is probably the most organised where air con buses are fairly standard. Getting in between countries may be a little tricky as there are lots of places on the 'avoid list' so research is key so you don't find yourself on dodgy turf. The blogs below will help kick-start your research.

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