A Bucket List for the MidLife Gapper

Written by Milly Whitehead on 26 / 09 / 2018

MidLife Mutterings

No matter who you are, whatever your age, I bet there's one place (at least) which you dream of seeing or doing...For me its flying in a tiger moth over the Maasai Mara (just saying...if anyone can oblige let me know...)

However, if you’re still looking for inspiration and want to build a bucket list then we are here to help...these are a few on my list and will eventually work their way into the MidLife trip itineraries.

The Holi Festival, India

'Holi’, also known as ‘The Festival of Colours’ or ‘The Festival of Love’, comes from an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in India and Nepal. It signifies the end of winter, the beginning of spring, and a time to mend broken relationships.

The festival itself lasts for a day and a night and is a chance for Hindus to let loose. During the day people take to the streets and literally chuck any sort of coloured paint at each other, including powdered paint, water-balloons and water guns. During the night, everyone dresses up and celebrates in a more civilized way - well kind of...

Machu Picchu, Peru

At the top of my list and I promise to build a MidLifer for this. Abandoned during the Spanish Conquest, Machu Picchu is thought to have been built for the Inca Emperor Pachacuti and was hidden from the world until its rediscovery in 1911. Can you imagine what it must have felt like to stumble across it?

2 ways to see this - either take the beautiful, four day Inca trail trek, or take the bus to Aguas Calientes. The bus journey is only an hour and a half and the walk two and a half hours. Come on...lets do the trek.

Salt Planes of Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat (over 10,000 square kilometres…wow…). It's located in the Daniel Campos Province of Potosí in the South West of Bolivia. This vast area is exceptionally flat, and with clear skies most days it is simply awe-inspiring. Not only is this the perfect place for a clever play with perspective, but the Salar is also a major breeding ground for Flamingos! Best way to get there is a five-hour journey from Potosi or the overnight bus from La Paz.

Amazon Rainforest

We all know the Amazon is being destroyed every second, of everyday.. harming the wildlife within. I promise you seeing an orangutan, sloth and birds of prey in the wild is thrilling...sweaty but thrilling. Got to do before it's too late. As a top tip Ecuador is one of the best countries to see the almighty Amazon...they have great eco lodges set up and good value all inclusive trips.

Full Moon Party in Thailand

I know we all did this back in the 80's and 90's but come on - lets go back and do it again... Koh Phangan, we remember you and yes we have all read The Beach. Can you believe that now over 10,000 people turn up at dusk to dance the night away. There is music for everyone and food stalls that run throughout the night. Jugglers, flame name it, you can see it...

Take action

Time is the essence - lets start putting some ticks on the list and get back out there. I am always looking for inspiration so please let me know if there is something extraordinary we can pull together for you.

Here to help.


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