The staple diet of a MidLifer - permission to gorge...

Written by Milly Whitehead on 25 / 09 / 2018

MidLife Mutterings

Now I know a fair few MidLifers out there and I know we have lots in common when it comes to our staple diet. Not chicken again, I hear the family cry...

What I couldn't believe is how ahead of the game we are. Can you believe that our staple diet, the diet that keeps us all united and cheerie actually have their own "International Day'. Who knew. Permission to opportunity gorge. Excellent.

International Malbec Day - 17th April

World Malbec Day

Line them up on the 17 April. Did you know... Malbec originated in France but now roughly 70% of all Malbec wine is produced in Argentina. Go test your man in Majestic with that cheeky fact of the day.

International Houmous Day - 13th May

International Houmous Day

As one of the main consumers of houmous worldwide, I really am going to plant my face in my favourite tub. I love this stuff - with wine and crisps (preferably chilly sensations) and I'm happy. We all know it originated in the Middle East but the Greeks do it perfectly - houmous with olives and pitta bread in the sun with a view over the Aegean Sea, nothing better.

International Sushi Day - 18th June

International Sushi Day

Now Waitrose have given us lux sushi on tap - we can't get enough of it. A fun fact for you... the word sushi actually means 'sour-tasting' not raw fish. Surely we have to try the real deal in Japan on the 18th?

International Chocolate Day - 7th July

World Chocolate Day

Our Bridget Jones moment. Another fun fact for you - most people think that South American countries are the biggest producers of cocoa but surprisingly the Ivory Coast is right up there, producing about 2million tonnes last year.

Ivory coast anyone? Let me know I can easily put a MidLife trip together for us.

International Beer Day - 1st Friday in August

International Beer Day

Thank god its a Friday night...Living in a male house hold this gets bought and consumed at a very fast rate. Going to send them out and leave me to my latest box set.

International Coffee Day - 29th September

International Coffee Day

Couldn't do a day without....even tough it plays havoc with my new pearly whites...A fun fact: Brazil is the big dog when it comes to supplying the world - churning out about 3,000,000 tonnes a year. Will buy accordingly to see what the fun is all about.

International Chicken Day - 2nd Thursday in October

World Chicken Day

Do you know I can actually cook chicken in a 101 name it - I have restyled this bird to an inch of its life. Love the fact that i officially serve it in October.

International Pasta Day - 1st November

World Porridge Day

With pesto of course...

So there we have it - our staple diet demands a celebration ...If they could combine this with a hassle free, all expenses paid day then we would be laughing.

Over and out.


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