Occasions that need a MidLife Makeover

Written by Milly Whitehead on 12 / 07 / 2019

MidLife Mutterings

Happy Friday to you all...We reach the end of another week at The Leap Towers and what a week it’s been for our Midlifer programs. We’ve had a great response to the drinks reception and Namibia is filling up nicely for October. Get your skates on if you want to join us, we only have a few spaces remaining.

I just wanted to talk "occasions" with you, as we are arranging lots of MidLife trips next year for the following reasons...Just planting those seeds of grab a cuppa and have a read.


Remember those Facebook groups you joined years back so you could stay in touch with old school friends – put the laptop down, step away from the screen and actually spend quality time with long lost friends. This is a rare chance to reconnect in some of the most stunning destinations in the world. Reunite in Costa Rica while tackling plastic pollution and protecting turtles.


Celebrating a special anniversary? Why not gather your relatives and come on a bespoke program to celebrate a special event together in paradise while giving something back to local communities and the environment? Leave a lasting impact to mark your occasion and create a positive change while spending time with those that matter. Rally the troops and let’s see you in Madagascar.


Taking a career break? Awesome, nice to meet you. Put that Out of Office on, hop on board one of our adventures and get stuck in to some meaningful volunteering, explore places that previously sat on postcards on your desk, reconnect with the things you love and prepare to be inspired. The world is your oyster, join us in Namibia, Costa Rica, Madagascar or Guatemala.


Fancy a slightly different honeymoon? We’ve got you sorted. Take part in one of our projects that will have a lasting effect on the environment whether creating a new national park in Namibia or refurbishing a school in Guatemala. This will forever become a special place to you both and one that you can revisit years later on anniversaries to see the progress of your work. This will leave a lasting impression with you. Come to Namibia for the ultimate romantic wilderness adventure.

Recently retired?

Remember all those times you said ‘one day’ or ‘I will next year’ – well now is the time. Time to Carpe Diem and explore a whole new you with us. Now time is on your side, join us and help volunteer – nothing beats the feeling of giving back. Unwind in peaceful surroundings, have time to reflect and celebrate and plan your next adventure. Relax, you’ve earned it. Now where did I put my passport.

So there you have it, just a few reasons to Midlife Leap with us. No you don’t have to be mad (it can help but not essential) you don’t even have to be brave (we’re all nervous at first trust me!).

All you need is a bit of faith in yourself, trust in us (we don’t like to brag but we believe we are pretty damn good at what we do and we care about giving you the ultimate experience) and a sturdy pair of walking boots. Time to put yourself first for once and let us do the rest. I’ll see you at the bar. Bon voyage.

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