Reasons to join a MidLife Volunteering Adventure

Written by Milly Whitehead on 19 / 05 / 2022

MidLife Mutterings

I get it…”I would love to go BUT”…we have heard them all before, every single “but”, every reason not to press the book button.

Sorry to crush your fears and excuses, however…

The family will survive.

I get it – kids, dogs, fridges – other halves - so much to organise. Lists, favours, and military precision required. Our trips avoid school and uni holidays. Uni holidays not so much as they seem to be more out than in – but that’s another story. They WILL cope without you and if you are lucky might even miss you and appreciate you more on your return.

You will make friends.

After the first day of school butterflies has disappeared, you won’t look back. These trips are action-packed and full on – everyone will find their pace and a friend, and that’s a pinky promise. Whether you are flying solo or with a friend, I can guarantee you will have belly laughs and share some life-long memories with your new midlifer mates.

You can conquer parent guilt.

This is an interesting one and I think needs re-framing…we all feel guilty about heading off into the sunset and leaving everyone behind BUT this isn’t your regular jolly. Your kids would be super impressed and proud knowing their mum or dad is tackling altitude sickness, minus-zero temperatures, and white water rafting with a smile on their face. Let the kids find you inspiring and remind them that life is not over in your 50's, even though they think we are all dinosaurs.

You can rough it.

You so can – we are not putting you in grim hostels full of bed bugs. Far from it – the accommodation is mixed – and different trips offer different comfort levels so it's up to us to make sure you find your best match.

You can spend this amount on yourself.

I get it – there’s always a family budget for holidays, but hold on, when were you last completely selfless? How many festival tickets have you paid for this year? Is it not your time? Empty the piggy bank and treat yourself.

You do not need to be an experienced traveller.

Not at all – we take all the pain out the experience. All you need to do is turn up at the airport and switch off. We take care of the rest and even have spare plasters.

SO…are you now brave enough to press the book button?

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