Reasons to join the Peru Midlife Adventure

Written by Milly Whitehead on 12 / 05 / 2023

MidLife Mutterings

Welcome to all those sitting on the Peru Midlife fence... if Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, then I promise this the way to see it.

We really appreciate the enormity of hitting the ‘let’s do it’ button as it is a challenge, both physically and mentally BUT having done this last year – all I can say is it so worth it.

So, have a listen or read to the following to see if we can help you work out your next step, by running through who we are, the planned itinerary and answering FAQ.

The Leap – who are we?

Well, for those who don't know us - The Leap specialises in creating off-grid volunteering adventures around the world, put together by our overseas partners who are mainly local NGOs. It is through their network of contacts and local knowledge which enables us to create our unique experiences.

In the case of Peru – we work with a local NGO called the Andean Alliance of Sustainable Development, run by the heavenly Kerri. They are based in the heart of the Sacred Valley in the pretty little town of Calca.

Kerri and her team look after the welfare of the High Andes Communities, as their livelihoods are being threatened by the climate change. Through their creative projects they have now diversified their crops and indeed some are now growing strawberries at 4000 m.

Peru Midlife Itinerary

It is a journey of two halves – the first being the acclimatisation, project and cultural phase, which helps gets you ready for the 4 day high altitude trek in phase two.

Through Kerri and her contacts, you will experience:

  • Living with local families.
    In my case we lived with the delightful Glenny, in her wonderful home and were fed like kings - she is an amazing cook.
  • Acclimatise properly in stunning off-grid locations. Such as at the Lake of Gold at 4000m, which was one of my highlights. Enter a stunning, surreal place, and historically important as this is where the Incas fled to when the Spanish invaded.
  • Contribute to AASD's projects.
    Gaining an insight into simple, yet life changing environment initiatives.
  • Trek alongside Ruben and his team.
    Who will lead you into remote valleys and over high mountain passes before reaching the ancient site of Machu Picchu.

Peru Midlifer FAQ's

  • How long do we trek for?
    You will be completing 4 days of trekking, averaging about 10 miles a day, at altitude. It is certainly a challenge but the views and accessing the remote high Andes make the journey so worthwhile.
  • How fit do I need to be?
    No doubt about it – you need to be relatively fit but stronger in your legs to protect your knees as the terrain is up and down. However, being mentally resilient and determined is the key to success.
  • How does the sleeping/accommodation work?
    In week one everyone will be staying with Glenny or Maritza. Everyone will have their own rooms – which are basic, but very cosy. On the trek 2 nights are in a tent – you can have your own but nicer to share. The third night is in a hostel and the 4 nights in a basic hotel. So, you are only going to be ‘roughing it’ for 2 nights.
  • I want to come but I am worried about not knowing anyone.
    All in the same boat and part of the challenge/adventure. I’ve led 6 Midlife teams and it all works out nicely.
  • Your dates don't work – can I go another time with my own group of friends?
    Yes, you can – you just need a total of 6 friends to make it viable and we can bespoke the journey for you all.
  • Kit – what do we take?
    We will send you a kit list and run through everything, so you are fully prepared.
  • Flights – do you book for us?
    We will recommend a flight and try to get the team all on the same one, but you are more than welcome to get there earlier, stay later and we can help with the planning.

Feeling happier? Ready to hit the button?

We hope so. Please don't let fear get in the way – we know it's a massive commitment, but I promise you this journey is so worth it – never have I seen such beauty, met so many kind people and been allowed to test my own resilience.

Just go for it.

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