Don't be shy...ask away

We promise you we are unshockable and over the last 20 years, dealing with the young gapper, we have been asked all sorts of questions - so ask away.

However, to move things along I am answering the most common questions that my friends, family and fellow MidLifers keep asking...honestly we all have the same fears...frizzy hair being one....

Will I know the other MidLifers?

Probably not. But that is why you are going to do it as you are going to leave your comfort zone and meet other like-minded MidLifers who want to embrace the challenge of adventure.

Can I arrange a trip just for my friends?

Yes of course - gather 6 friends and we can plan a bespoke itinerary for you.

Is this for singles or couples?

Either. It doesn't matter. You will find a mix in each team. Singles, couples - all welcome.

What is the average age?

I would say the average age is going to be about 50 BUT with 70 being the new 60...anything goes...The key is not age but attitude, health and fitness. If at all worried, call in to discuss.

Flights - will we travel out together?

Some will, some won't. Some will want to use air miles, go first class (secretly) or fly in from Timbuktu. However we will help co-ordinate, steer and get you to the right place at the right time.

Do I need injections?

Probably yes. We give you an advisory list in your My Leap area.

What do I need to take?

We really help with this and promise to get you prepared so you don't arrive with the wrong gear. Nothing worse and we have all done it. You will find the recommended packing list in your My Leap area.


You will definitely need good travel insurance and we will need the policy details before you head off. Top tips - the insurance needs to cover medical repatriation and all the adventures planned.

What if the challenges are too much?

You are part of a team and a good team will support, encourage and be kind. Don't worry we will all have our moments.

Creature comforts?

I can promise you now, you are going to be sleeping in places you might not be used to - tents, funny hostels, under the stars. But we are all in this together. Oh and for all those who have hair issues - this is your moment to let it all one will care if you are a frizz ball for 10 days.

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