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Discover Guatemala

Majestic and glorious.

'Glorious Guatemala' has been a huge success, the volcano trek tested the MidLifers with their summit ascent...and the project work gave a huge sense of satisfaction. Repeat this for 2020? Yes indeed.

Just so you know, Guatemala is uber cool - think 'shabby chic Cuba' on steroids...groovy cafés, great music and ancient culture.

In a nutshell - we are going to take some selfies with a colonial city backdrop, summit a volcano (non-active), cool off in the breathtaking crater lake of Atitlan, before bumping along in the chicken bus to the glorious sandy beaches of Monterrico, where we will contribute to a spot of community development and, fingers crossed, witness the end of the turtle breeding season.

Who's coming?

This MidLifer has an expedition feel to it, as we are going to be on the move experiencing the volcanic core, lakes and beaches - trekking, exploring and contributing.

Trip Itinerary

Our 8-night, 9-day trip will start in the beautiful colonial city of Antigua, where we will catch our breath, meet each other (think first day of school), and sample a few local sundowners. From here we will explore the city, culture and the lake before summiting the Acatenango Volcano and contributing to community life beach-side in Monterrico. Sound good?

This is what we've lined up...



Welcome to Guatemala

Just so you know this is one of the 'current happening destinations' of central America. Some of you may have been there "back in the day" and I can assure you not much has changed. You are still going to find local dress, fabulous markets, chicken buses, the puffing volcano of Fuego, coffee plantations, and stunning Mayan ruins. The old pace of life still dominates ... just what we need.


This trip will include a mixture of stylish boutique hotels, pop-up tents and a hip beach side hostel.


Breakfast will be provided and included in the cost but lunch and supper will be extra - out and about...


Antigua Arrive, explore city and Lake Atitlan

Settle in and explore

We will be picked up from the airport and taken to our hotel in the centre of old town Antigua. Here we will meet Tim who will be in charge of steering us around the country.

Antigua is a former capital and boasts an impressive selection of colonial relics in a magnificent setting - imagine streetscapes of pastel façades beneath three towering volcanoes. Many old ecclesiastical and civic structures are beautifully renovated, while others retain their tumbledown charm.

The next day we will be up bright and early to explore the oh so chic city (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, BTW) and if brave, walk up to the Mirador viewing point (you know you will, first one to the top gets a prize) before exploring the enormous Lago Atitlan.

Just so you know - Lago Atitlan is at the heart of the Mayan culture. Here you will have a cool down dip, visit local Mayan ruins and take part in a traditional Mayan ceremony to give thanks and promote good health and well-being. Welcome to the soul of Guatemala, literally.

The villages we will travel through still hold on to a strong indigenous identity, where many of the local women still wear huipiles embroidered with colourful birds or flowers. It really is stunning.

If time - back in Antigua, we can visit the chocolate museum - if for nothing else to stock up on provisions for the trek ...


Here we are going to stay in a very cool hotel in the center of old town. It is run by an organisation we have partnered up with called Nonio de Guatemala, where all the profits go back into funding local schools.

Check it out - it's dreamy, this is your treat! The Good Hotel

Double or single rooms available.


Breakfast included in cost. Lunch and dinner is extra, out and about.

Wed + Thurs

Volcano Summit Acatenango Volcano

Up we go...

Leaving the Good Hotel at 8.00am we will travel out on a one hour drive to reach the Mayan village of Soledad which is the start of the Acatenango trail.

....Brace yourself for an overnight hike to summit the Acatenango Volcano, which towers above the landscape at nearly 4,000 metres.

The ascent winds its way up through four distinct ecosystems, starting with a tapestry of fertile agricultural fields where local farmers harvest corn, flowers and snow peas, into an old tropical cloud forest that harbours a diversity of flora and fauna, emerging into sparse, high, alpine forest that reveals views of six additional volcanoes, making it a great spot for lunch.

Aside from providing panoramic views of the entire region, Acatenango will give us a birds-eye-view of the nearby (and the very active) Fuego volcano which has been blowing off steam since colonial times.

The following morning we will complete the summit which should take about an hour. At the top we will find 360° views of Fuego, the Antigua Valley and the distant Guatemalan highlands that stretch all the way to the border of Mexico.

After many a still and peaceful moment at the top, we will trek back on a 3 hour descent and head back to The Good Hotel for the night.



Overnight camping volcano side and then back to The Good Hotel in Antigua.

Fri - Mon

Monterrico Beach Life + School Development

Head west to the beach

On Friday we will hop on board one of Guatemala's notorious "chicken buses" and head out to the hip little town of Monterrico on the Pacific coast. Life here has a slow, tropical vibe to it and is surrounded by the Biotopo Monterrico–Hawaii, a nature reserve that embraces a 20km-long surf beach, home to turtle-nesting grounds, and wildlife rich wetlands. A fun, chilled and beautiful place to be based.

We aim to get here by lunch and check into our beach side hostel. We will then explore a bit before we meet the community leader from the local school who will talk us through our project, where we are literally going to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in...are you ready?

This is our chance to engage with the local community - to be so much more than a tourist...

The Curvina National School would like us to upgrade some of their school facilities. We have scoped out two potential projects that would significantly enhance the physical environment of the school, making it a safer and nicer place for the kids.

The first task is to mend the gutting across the main porch into the school yard. It is 30 metres long and currently does not function properly, overflowing and quickly making the school yard slippery and hazardous.

The second is to erect sun screens across the basketball hard court. Right now when the sun beats down it makes the school yard a very inhospitable environment. Our aim is to reclaim the space for the kids. We will engage local builders to prep these projects, e.g. digging holes and setting concrete, sourcing materials, so the project is ready for the final push when we arrive on site.

Afternoons/free time - lots to do here from kayaking through the mangroves and surfing to visiting the ARCAS Turtle & Wildlife Sanctuary, where hopefully we will be able to see some baby turtles making their first dash for the sea.


El Delphin Hostel - beach side with pool, restaurant and bar. Accommodation will be in single sex dorm rooms – max 3 per room. Bathrooms have western style WC and showers with cold water.


Breakfast included at the hostel. Lunch and dinner will be extra in one of the local restaurants.


Departure Day Transfer back to airport

Airport Transfer

Early morning departure by private taxi/minivan to Guatemala International airport (3 hours).

Trip Details & Costs

This Midlifer to Guatemala is designed to be an escape from winter, starting on the 20 April 2020.

We can only take 12, so it will be on a first come, first served basis...

Any questions email me at:


20 April 2020

2020: 20 Apr


Shared room - £2041
Antigua + Volcano trek + Monterrico Beach
2020: £2041

Single room - £2241
Antigua + Volcano trek + Monterrico Beach
2019: £2241

Please note there is limited availability for a single room, so be flexible.

Community development

We will contribute to a bite-sized, effective school development project.

Physical challenge

Summit the Acatenango Volcano at 4000 metres.


From the colonial city of Antigua, to the stunning villages of Lake Aticlan.

Off grid destination

Definitely a destination for the intrepid explorer.

Time in, Time out

The itinerary will follow its plan but we promise there will be time for you to chill and do your own thing.

MidLifer Favourites

  • Kayak through the Mangrove Forest.
  • Surf the big rollers on Monterrico's beach.
  • Turtle, whale and dolphin watching.
  • Quad bike along the beach.

Central America has recently come back in favour with the discerning traveller as they look for pastures less travelled. Pastures where there is adventure, history, culture and NGOs responsibly contributing to community and conservation issues. Guatemala delivers on all fronts and we have our team in place to pull it all together.

The Guatemala Team

Our MidLife co-ordinators in Guatemala will be Tim Poullain-Patterson, Gabriel Gonzalez, (who delivered our programs in Venezuela for many years, including leading adventure expeditions into the Gran Sabana and Orinoco Delta) together with Grace Hilling, a graduate in Environmental Sciences, who came from upstate New York to Monterrico two years ago.

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How Guatemala rolls ...

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