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Discover the Philippines

1000's of tiny islands.

Often overlooked by those either heading to Australia or those who are “doing” Asia, so we're doing our bit to bring this awesome country to your attention, having spent a hefty amount of time there last year.

Firstly – it works, it’s efficient and we like that especially when it might be your first stop on your itinerary. Secondly - the people are so kind and interesting – their history is fascinating and therefore their culture is a true mix of their past. Thirdly – the country itself - gloriously diverse, made up of over 7000 islands and covered in stunning Spanish – Filipino architecture, emerald rice fields, smouldering volcanoes and beaches – of yes, the type you see in the brochures.

However, as we like to do, we are going to lead you to the remoter parts of this country where you will be introduced to real life and not the normal traveller set up. You’ll fly into the capital, Manila and catch a one-hour domestic flight onto Legazpi City, which is on the southern tip of the main Luzon island, dominated by the active Mayon volcano.

After you have settled in and explored the volcano, Jess’s team will then lead you on an adventure to explore and contribute to two creative community conservation projects, working alongside dynamic teams who are doing their bit for development. This is what we have planned...

Venture out to some of the remotest islands of the Philippines to explore and contribute whilst being immersed in the kindest of cultures.

Program Itinerary

Step way off the backpacker trail and into traditional communities for a 3 week cultural immersion. Interweave yourself with the community, teach, learn how to surf and step onto the sides of a live volcano. Frankly it doesn’t get much better.

The following is a sample itinerary.

Wk 1

Legazpi City Acclimatise and explore

Stand in awe of the volcano...

You’ll fly into the capital of Manila, before catching a 1- hour domestic flight to Legazpi where you’ll be met in arrivals by Jess and her amazing local team.

As an introduction to the country, to allow you some rest after your long travel, and to give you time to acclimatize, you will be spend your first and last 3 days and nights at Casa Simeon, a half hour drive outside Legazpi City in the small town of Bacacay.

From the comfort of Casa Simeon you will borrow Jess’s bikes (or hop on a local tricycle) to explore this little town’s beaches, markets and waterfalls. Another day you will head off with one of Jess’s team to see the Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga Church, Lignon Hill, Legazpi Boulevard, and of course the shopping centres (huge shopping centres…well worth the visit and they love to dance in the shops…just saying, don’t be shocked!)

On the last day you have to brave the volcano – there are some great quad biking tours that whizz you up the side to see the volcano in all its glory and incredible views of the town below before zip wiring back down. Has to be done, especially for closet geographers as this is a perfect cone shaped volcano.


Casa Simeon is a 1920s Spanish-American colonial house which has been restored into a small hotel, yet remaining Jess’s family home. It is absolutely stunning and the food here is to die for – so try everything.

2 or 3 to a bedroom. Shared bathrooms. Air-conditioning and cable TV in the rooms.


3 meals a day are provided.

Wk 2

Gubat Surfing and Mangrove Planting

Surfing and Mangrove Planting

An hour and half away from Legapzi is the small beachside town of Gubat, in the province of Sorsogon. Just outside the town and tucked away on one of the most stunning beaches is a small surf club run by Noli and his team. Let me tell you this is a little slice of Robinson Crusoe paradise.


Noli is one of those good people – a surf instructor by profession and now a surf club hotelier BUT he has taken it one step further. He has started a “School to Surf” project which encourages the local kids to attend school and keep them out of trouble and in return he will teach them to surf – a life skill which in turn could provide them with an income. This is where you come in. While here, Noli will teach you to surf, in return for helping him teach the kids English, swimming and surfing.

Noli and team are also very active with environmental projects in the community so you will help him with his little projects here and there like mangrove replanting and making roofs out of nipa, a local plant, to give to the less fortunate in the community. For the surf camp’s sustenance, Noli and team have started producing bottled local food sold and marketed to the larger cities. Given the chance, he may ask you to help cook. Better yet, you might become the next model for his ads. He is a dynamic man.


Beach side surf camp in simple thatched stilted bungalows - beds are mattresses on the floor on a raised platform. 4 volunteers per bungalow.

Shower block and a restaurant on site selling delicious local food.


3 meals a day provided.

Wk 3

Ticao Island Marine and Teaching

Marine Conservation and Teaching

Next stop - Ticao Island, an island community in the Masbate province. Approximately one hour by traditional motorized boat from the mainland. BTW this is another stunning location and a great contrast as the culture here is unique.

The people of Ticao have learned to survive based on what the land and ocean can provide. Very little government support comes to this area and the main developments on the island are a result of donations and strategies from Ticao Island Resort which has become popular in the past 10 years with the scuba diving community because of the Manta Bowl, a dive site which is the highway for large marine creatures like Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, and Thresher Sharks.

The Island resort now helps support the community and marine life through its NGO called LAMAVE and this is where your help is needed. Through LAMAVE you will help collect data and identification analysis on the marine life – through snorkelling or diving whilst teach English to the local children. There is no need to be able to dive but courses are available if you would like to complete a course though the dive school at Ticao.

Optional PADI Open Water Diver Course = PHP 20,000 (£320) per student (inclusive of learning materials, instructor/DM services, diving equipment rental, 2 days boat use to nearby reefs for training dives, certification upon completion of the course).


3 nights village home stay then you will move into twin rooms at the dive school, on the beach


3 meals a day are provided.


Program Details & Costs

This program is currently closed. We will shout when the Philippines let us back in.

Options and costs

This program is currently closed. We will shout when the Philippines let us back in.

Whats included?


Flight: £800 (depending on time of year and availability)

Spending money: £50 per week approx

Social Life

Guaranteed. You will be part of a tight team of like minded volunteers, who will be on your journey from start to finish.

Cultural Exchange

Through living and working beside remote communities who will welcome you into their society.


Combines the heights of the Mayon volcano with the beaches and island paraside of Ticao.

Physical Challenge

A journey which mixes home-stay living with community development and beach recouperation.

Program Days

Expect to carry out project work 5 days a week for 6-8 hours per day however each phase will vary depending on the work ethic and culture of the community.

Free Days

Free days will be interspersed throughout the itinerary when you are free to explore.

Backpacker favourites:

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Wildlife tours.

The Philippines is very well-connected to other countries like Indonesia and Singapore – all great add-ons if you plan to extend your stay in the region.


One of the most off grid

This program is managed by our lovely friend Jessica Noelle Wong who runs Donsol Eco Tours. Each team will be led by a local project leader, who speaks

English, Filipino and local dialects. All I can say from spending a lot of time with Jess and her team last year - they are awesome, interesting and oh so kind.

Jess is hugely connected in this area and has pulled these two projects togther for us through her friends and contacts. Both projects are dynamic and make a huge difference to the local communities and environment. You will love them all and will want to carry on exploring this fantastic country which is so overlooked, so don't rush off.


"Change the course of their lives"

I am filled with admiration at all the trouble you have taken over every detail, so much appreciated when filling in all those damn forms! And it was brilliant that you kept us all (in our case 3 generations!) involved and informed about the changing situation every day. It has been so difficult for this group of 18 year olds unable to do their A levels properly and with all the attendant problems of the pandemic. I think the programmes you are offering may well change the course of their lives not only for the future of the planet but also by giving them opportunities to work hard together at the same time as having fun. Huge thanks and congratulations, I’m telling everyone how fantastic you are!

- Caromy (Grandmother)

"An unforgettable experience"

I received so much support and positive energy from the team at The Leap; nothing was too much trouble, and contact was maintained by e-mail while I was in Nepal. I started to teach within a couple of days of my arrival, supporting a member of staff. However, within a couple of days I was asked if I wanted to teach on my own. My core subjects were English and maths, but I taught basic hygiene too since there is a lack of understanding amongst the children about germs, hand washing and personal care.

If you want to give your time, skills and energy to a welcoming community, please contact The Leap and opt for a project in Nepal. Like me, you will have an unforgettable experience.

- Keith Donald

"The Leap is an awesome company who takes care of every aspect of your trip to make sure you can enjoy it to the fullest"

This trip was honestly amazing and I would highly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to do it.

I met amazing staff and locals over the 6 weeks and also amazing people who I still stay in contact with and I can’t wait to see during the rest of my travels.

The outreach was definitely a highlight as you get to explore more islands and do different activities. The locals are amazing and the sense of community and the appreciation for volunteers makes it so worth doing. I did forest conservation because I love animals and hiking but with The Leap your programme is flexible and if you prefer to teach you can switch over as well which you don’t get with other companies.

What you should know is GO THROUGH THE LEAP!

- Brooke

"Grown in confidence"

I have grown in confidence from meeting new people and I have realised how much of an impact everyone could make with everyday things

- Louisa

"I cannot recommend enough to all of my friends"

To everyone at The Leap

Archie had the most wonderful six weeks, probably the best he has had so far in his life! We are so glad we chose The Leap to begin his adventures travelling. He said all the Leapers were great people and really fun to be with. The experiences were just incredible and learning about the plastic and turtles fascinating. I think he has made some friends for life and if he ever returns from his travels we will hear lots more about it. Archie really liked Amelia and said she was fun, supportive and a wonderful leader. Just a really fabulous experience which I cannot recommend enough to all of my friends. In a couple of years my daughter will be coming to join a trip on The Leap. Thank you so so much.

- Henrietta Mogg

"An amazing group of leapers"

Hi Milly,

I got home last week from 2 months in Costa Rica. I did the Adventure programme and just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you, I and everyone enjoyed it so so much. We were so lucky to have an amazing group of leapers, we all agreed that 24 was the perfect amount. It was enough to have a party and have a variety of people but not too big so we couldn’t get to know everyone really well. The trip set me up so well to travel independently with friends afterwards, in fact, 18 of us all travelled together for a while after! I will definitely be recommending The Leap to friends.

Thank you for your speedy replies and always picking up the phone!

- Georgina Lound

" I felt really enriched by the end of it"

I just wanted to let you know that I'm safely back in the UK, and missing Costa Rica already! A huge thank you to you though, as I had an absolutely wonderful time - everything was so well organised, and so comprehensive. All the volunteering was great, and I felt really enriched by the end of it, and well prepared for the little bit of solo travelling I did. I'm so so glad that I went and I will really treasure the time I spent there (especially in the months until lockdown ends!).

- Rose

"Steady hands on the tiller "

So grateful to you all at The Leap. It’s been the most amazing experience for Ella and we can’t compliment you and Milly enough for all your friendly and efficient organisation and your very steady hands on the tiller in choppy waters throughout this last month!

- David


"You changed my life"

I love Jakera more than anything and you guys changed my life so much. I am forever in debt to all the things I have learnt here and the people I have been lucky enough to meet. Thank you to every single person at Jakera.

- Jack R

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