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The deals below are all long-standing, no expiry dates here, but you can only claim one at a time.

Ambassador Leaper

A really good money earner for a past Leaper... persuade a friend to go and you will get £50 per person and they will get £100 off their program. But when you send us 10 new leapers you will receive a £1000 bonus ...sign up now for a code and get promoting.

Repeater Leaper

Need more Leap in your life? If you’ve travelled with us before, we’ll give you £100 off the cost of your next program.
*excludes programs under 6 weeks, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Sibling Leaper

If another member of your family has travelled with us we will give you £100 of the cost of the program.

Mates rates

Persuade two friends to sign up with you and you'll all receive £100 off the cost of your program.
*excludes programs under 6 weeks, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Back to Back Leaper

Sign up for multiple programs, back to back, and we'll give you £300 off two 10 week programs or £200 off a 10 and 6 week combo.
*excludes programs under 6 weeks, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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