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Job ideas to help fund your gap year travels

Written by The Leap on 17 / 05 / 2022

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Summer jobs for the gap year

Now the sun is out, exams are nearly over and you are itching to have fun, your first instinct might be to head off on a sun-filled adventure, but summer is also is the perfect time to get a job and start to earn and save some money.

Adventures cost, as does living life to the max at university, and now covid is almost over, there are jobs a plenty. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to earn some cash, we’ve have come up with the following list of summer jobs to help you kick start those savings.


This is easy work, and can be done by word of mouth, or putting an ad up in the local newsagent, primary school, village hall or local facebook group. It might be worth going on a basic babysitting and first aid training course, believe me, after that, parents will feel confident with you around. This looks good on your CV.

Dog walker

Love animals? Need a bit of exercise yourself? Walking dogs for friends, family and people who live close by is a great little money spinner and fills a need for many households. Because it’s possible to walk more than one dog at a time, you could be quids in.

Pet sitting

Not dissimilar to the last suggestion, this summer job obviously requires a love of animals. With summer holidays kicking off, many dog owners head off on non-doggy vacations and would much rather leave their pooch with a trusted pal or have someone come into their home to spend time with their dog than shell out on expensive kennel services. Find out what the kennels in your area charge and offer less – you’ll be amazed at the response!

Painting jobs

This is a great job because it's suitable for basically any age group, and you don't need much training as long as you’re relatively neat and tidy. Find out if any neighbours are planning to redecorate their interiors or paint the outside of their house over the summer and offer to help out with the legwork. It will be cheaper for them to employ a student than pay for professional decorators to come in.


Any cricket greens / church yards need some lawn mowing.Tractor Ted to the rescue.

Become a tutor

If you've just finished school and are looking for a little bit of extra cash to fund your gap year or university, then why not place an ad in the paper to tutor kids over their summer holidays?All that information will be fresh in your mind, and it’s a great way to learn how to communicate and teach with different age groups. Parents are desperate to make sure their kids keep up with study over the long holidays and some may need help with homework. Make an ad for community notice boards, ask around or check out Tutorhut to find opportunities in your area.


Move over Hasslehoff, there’s a new lifeguard in town (and it could be you). If you’re a good swimmer and don’t mind listening to squeals all day, this could be the perfect summer job. Most pools need additional lifeguards during the summer months and are willing to train you up – a qualification which will make it much easier to find work in the future. Simply search and apply at local pools, beaches or resorts and get ready to be the object of young swimmer’s affections!

Bar work

Post covid, restaurants and bars are buzzing again…They say you haven’t really lived until you’ve pulled a pint (not really sure who ‘they’ are), and this is a skill which will bag you work anywhere. So it’s well worth finding pub or bar work over the summer to get you started.

Head down to pubs at the start of the summer when extra staff will be in short supply and offer your services out there. It’s a great way to kill time, work as a team and also learn how to run a bar or wait tables in the process.

What's more, if you're really desperate for cash then this is the perfect summer job. Bar work usually involves night shifts, making it easy to get another job during the day or meet up with friends. The tips are helpful too!

Catering companies

Summer is party and wedding season and that means catering companies recruit like crazy! If you’re a presentable people person, drive a car, and are happy to sacrifice weekends then give this some serious thought.

Although some companies require basic training, others are happy to teach you on the job. Events can range from weddings to 21sts, which means they're usually quite interesting and you'll find that time passes quickly.

Hit google to find caterers in your local area or apply for work with a national caterer like At Your Service. Also, don’t forget all the big events such as Wimbledon that will need staff.

Festival worker

Summer is also festival season and tickets for top events can set you back a small fortune. But sign up for security agency work and you could earn yourself a pretty penny whilst enjoying the festivities in your time off. The shifts can be long, but the reward is great.

And if you fancy doing something less laborious - and with more time off - consider volunteering to work at a festival. You usually have meals and a free ticket included, and whilst you won’t come home richer in pocket you’ll be richer in lots of other ways!

Golf caddy

…bear with me! This may sound like the most niche and obscure summer job going, but ask at any golf club in your area and they may be taking on caddies. It doesn’t take a genius to caddy (although a passion for golf helps) and if you get in the right circles caddies can be a very well paid, with some very generous tips to boot.

Working at camps

This summer job is fantastic if you love being outdoors, working as part of a team, or want work experience with children. It's usually best if you like children, but if you have patience you can get through anything!Think tennis camps, Marlborough Summer school, Mark Warner.Get in touch with your local leisure centre.Also, network with parents of young kids who might need help with parties etc.

Office jobs

Of course, it's much better to have really organised this in advance. Bosses love to see organisation and initiative, and asking for a summer job two weeks before your holidays begin doesn’t show off those skills fully! At least a few weeks before the summer term ends, be sure to put your CV together and put any personal contacts you have to good use.

Depop / ebay / vinted

Offer your services to help your parents sell items – believe me this is a confusing area for us oldies – take some of the commission.

Marquee jobs

This is hard work, but pays well, think long days in the sun with a mallet. Look up your local marquee providers, there are plenty of these jobs going.

Taxi driver

Time to drive your parent’s friends back from parties – late nights but you will hear all the gossip and they will tip you well.

Create a mini business

Sell your sister’s clothes on depop, buy designer clothes that you can sell on, think outside the box.

Work experience or an internship

No better time to do this before you hit university.

Write up someone’s memoir

Any grandparents that you could help with writing down their life story?

Film extra

Channel your inner Tom Cruise, well paid and fun.

Retail jobs

Any shops that might need your help stacking shelves, on the till…easy money.

Gap year student at a school

Go back to your old school, do they need your help?

Hopefully these ideas have set you on your way to finding yourself a summer job and getting those pennies to roll in. Now all you need to do is go out there and get ‘em! And remember all the jobs listed above will look great on your CV and give you vital funds to enjoy yourself next term, or head off on your world travels.

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Gap year / summer to do list

Get your driving licence – this will give you so much freedom once you have passed.

Renew your passport – there are huge Covid delays so sort this out before you get out your backpack.

Go on a gap year safety course - a necessary course to prepare you for any dramas that might occur when you are abroad – guaranteed to keep your parents happy.

First aid course – always useful if you have the time – a skill for life.

Cocktail course – expensive but gives you an entrée into another world of jobs and who doesn’t want to know how to mix the best mojito?

Barrista course – always easy to get jobs once you are qualified in putting hearts onto a cappuccino.

Learn to cook – another life skill – and opens up your job opportunities – ever wanted to know how to cut an onion into 200 micro squares with one of those very sharp knives...

Online courses- post covid there are no excuses, from your home desk, you can learn zillions of new skills on line, don’t waste this precious time.

Learn to touch type – one word…invaluable.

Learn a new language – learn how to order a beer in Spanish when in South America.

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